1.1) Naming/background
    - No modern, profanity or celebrity names, any Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) setting names (except celebrity/god) are acceptable. Your character also has to have a name (on other words, no "Nameless", "No name" characters).
    - Real life "earth" is not acceptable background. Using the multiple different DnD settings is allowed for background.
    - Playing children of god or other famous entities is not allowed.

    1.2) Cheating/Exploiting/muling
       - Cheating is forbidden.
       - Exploiting game or server bugs for own gain is forbidden.
       - Muling and transferring items between own characters is forbidden. Or using middlehand to do it. Giving gifts is also something you should do in character, not out of character.

    1.3) Player versus Player (PvP)
       - Consent required for PvP, if consent is not given, the decliner need to move elsewhere.
       - Would your character die in PvP, avoid conflict or contact for day, unless in character (IC) reasons give another result. (such as being captured)
       - Abilities, spells or other things that aren't in game engine requires consent of the DM (in events, or situations they are present in) or all players it affects to. If no consent is given, then the said abilities just can't be used.


        2) RULE OF BEING


          2.1) Language/Profanity
             - English and DnD languages are only server languages.
             - Only in character profanity is allowed, this does not include modern curses, but rather sigil cant or similar.
             - Avoid being unnecessarily offensive Out of Character (OOC).

          2.2) Griefing / Harrassing / Adult Roleplay (RP)
             - Griefing is forbidden. (Killing/stealing/otherwise picking on others for no reason)
             - Out of Character (OOC) Harrassing is forbidden. If you are told to stop, then you stop.
             - Adult RP is allowed with every participants consent only. No sexually orientated RP involving children.

          2.3) God-moding/metagaming/autoing
          - God-moding is forbidden. (Playing invulnerable/invincible character without reason to be so)
          - Metagaming is forbidden. (Using out of character knowledge to gain upper hand of others, such as using information in in character forum stories)
          - Autoing is forbidden. (Doing something without way to avoid it even if there would be reason to be able to avoid it.)

            3) RULE OF POWERS


              3.1) Dungeon Masters (DM) word is law. DMs generally will be relaxed and not be hardarses.
              3.2) DMs are volunteer working, they need not argue about every small argument/case.
              3.3) If you disagree with DM ruling, contact that DM or other DM and explain your case politely.



            Breaking the rules
            If you break the rules you will depending on severity first get warned by DMs not to repeat it, and if you continue breaking rules you will then get a temporary ban from the server. If you attempt to circumvent the ban, or still break rules after the ban is over we reserve the right to permanently ban you from the server.