So, where to begin?
Sigil, of course - there ain't no other place worth beginning. Sigil: the City of Doors. This town's the gateway to everything and everywhere that matters.

- Etain the Quick, Tout

Sigil: City of Doors (SCoD) is a persistant world for Neverwinter Nights 2 set in the Planescape campaign settings of Dungeons and Dragons. We are a light roleplay community, with custom races, many adventure areas, and plenty of in-game lore.

To play on Sigil: City of Doors you need to own Neverwinter Nights 2 and both the expansion packs Mask of the Betrayer and Storm of Zehir (you can buy all three here). Other files will be downloaded automatically once you connect.

Casual Roleplay Server

We strive to create a persistent world which is welcoming to both role-players and more action focused players. Join DM'ed campaigns, or adventure through all the planes of existence!

Explore the Great Wheel

Dozens of adventure zones, covering most of the inner and outer planes. Venture through the wilderness of the Beastlands, to the depths of the Abyss!

Play what you want!

Play anything from a Deva to a Clueless mortal. We have dozens of custom races and paragon classes to choose from, and allow any character concept that doesn't contradict Planescape lore.

Custom Systems

Sigil: City of Doors features many custom systems, from years of development, including custom classes, spells, races with alternate forms, and a point-based crafting and enchanting system.

Player Houses

Build and customize a house for your character, or commission another player to do so.

Convinced? Take a look at our Introduction to Sigil and Tips and Tricks for New Players.

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