NOTICE: Anarchists are now NPC Only

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Hello Cagers!

We were going to make this announcement after a few more in-game scenarios, but we've had a few questions since the last campaign regarding the Anarchist faction. We've clarified things on an individual basis so far, but we feel it's probably time to clarify things a little.

The short version: The Anarchists, aka the Revolutionary League, will no longer be supported as a playable Faction. It's availability will be phased out very soon, so if you were thinking of having a character join them with a badge and all, keep this in mind.

There are several reasons why we have made this decision. Perhaps the biggest reason being the fact that success and failure in the ranks depends almost exclusively on going into conflict with other players. Although PvP is a thing on the server, it is not something we want anyone relying on for character progression. The Rev League's mandate being "destroy the factions" pushes players on both sides towards this, and inevitably, forces someone in the game to loose. Again, winning and loosing are part of the game in every respect, but we would rather it not exclusively be in the circumstance of players thwarting each other, for lack of other avenues of success.

If you have a character who was already in the Anarchist faction, please reach out to either myself or Mimi, and we'll help figure out where to go from here. If you simply have other questions about the change, feel free to message me on Discord.
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