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Posted by mimifearthegn »

Greetings Cagers! Later this evening, there will be an update. And in this update, you will find. . .

- New Mortuary (Morrigan)
- New Night Market (Taurus Daggerknight)
- New weapons, armor pieces, and belts (Taurus Daggerknight)
- New Carceri area (MimiFearthegn)
- New Carceri Quests (MimiFearthegn)
- New Icons (Lazuli and Taurus Daggerknight)
- New placeables (nothing to test, just coming soon to new areas near you)

Class Changes:
- Paladins are now Knights. Blackguards have been merged with Knights. (Edmaster)
- Fixes to Mystic (Edmaster)
- Chorus and Song of Heroism now gives +4 AB instead of +4 AC (Gadwin)
- Turn undead moved to level 4 ala paladin and blackguard on Clerics (Gadwin)
- EDM, DM, and Divine Shield are now instant-use abilities. This affects nothing but quality of life of playing with EDM / DS. (Gadwin)
- If a druid takes monk levels or vice versa, the PC looses the monk WIS bonus to AC (Gadwin)
- Epic Foresight no longer grants crit immunity, but it will retain its undocumented sneak immunity. Regen lowered from 5 to 3 (Gadwin)
- Magical Beast Shape stats and weapons were defaulted closely to base nwn2 levels and all non-dragon forms had multiattack removed from them. Then, their STR and DEX were lowered as weapon EB and base AC were buffed. This results in them having no more or less AC or offensive capability on their own, but helps keep MT druids from being too crazy by having more of the AB cap taken up so that they don't buff quite to the same 60+ levels. (Gadwin)
- Halo of Sand was reworked to grant the three AC types that base druid's spellbook does not cover, so that they don't suffer for being pure druids. This is done because wildshapes only take one source of AC from gear. (Gadwin)
- Dragon Shapes had trueseeing removed from its hides, SR buffed from 26 to 40 since druids get the spell resistance spell anyway. Red dragon shape hide wrongly had a 50% immunity to cold instead of vulnerability, so that was also changed. Multiattack is left untouched. (Gadwin)
- Shadowdancer HIPS moved to level 5 (Gadwin)
- Shadowdancer Shadow evade concealment progression changed from (at levels 4 / 7 / 9 / 10, respectively) 5/10/15/20 to 30/35/40/50, Shadow evade is now an instant-activation ability (don't need to "cast it") (Gadwin)
- Shadowdancer - shadow hand 2 granted at level 1 to provide a stealth ability until lv 5 (Gadwin)
- Palemaster class changed from 10 levels to 7 to deal with hardcoded "Bone Skin" feat (Gadwin)
- Stalwart Defender Defensive Stance no longer roots, but now penalizes AB by -4 and confers no save bonuses so as to play into more of a traditional tank role. CD lowered to 6s from 30s since it's now a modal-like. Also removed spinny ioun stone VFX since that'd get annoying to have all the time. (Gadwin)
- Owl's Insight WIS scaling nerfed from "1 WIS every 2 levels" to "1 WIS every 3 levels" (Gadwin)
- Hallucinatory Terrain now grants 50% conceal for all allies instead of +4 dodge AC (Gadwin)

Miscellaneous Changes/Fixes:
- 2 new racial banners (Eldwen)
- Epic Armor Optimization no longer gives 2x the AC (Mimi Fearthegn)
- Some small changes to Clangor and the Abyss CRs + Monster stats (Mimi Fearthegn)
- Fixed the undersigil ladder conversation so that the "go up" option is first (Mimi Fearthegn)
- Remove leather hide drops from animals (Mimi Fearthegn)
- Added summonable Nimbots (Mimi Fearthegn)
- Krigala Portal moved to the side shrine area instead of being in the middle of the bakery (Mimi Fearthegn)
- Blindsight moved to the high level loot table (Mimi Fearthegn)
- There is now a note in the Mimir about faction initiation RP (Mimi Fearthegn)
- PC placed placeables should now be removable if their owner is not in the area (Mimi Fearthegn)
- Added a short timer to the gemcutting options (Mimi Fearthegn)
- Special materials now drop 1% of the time in designated areas instead of just 0.5% of the time. (Mimi Fearthegn)
- Kobolds, Goblins, and other such non-human races should now be able to use the appearance changer to get accessories if such exists for them (Mimi Fearthegn)
- opening locks in the Astral will no longer give exp if you are at max level (Mimi Fearthegn)
- You should no longer be able to collect Fated fines from some berks as a Mercykiller (Mimi Fearthegn)
- The Festhall now includes the performances / paintings from the victory celebration (Mimi Fearthegn)
- Vampires can no longer bite portals (Mimi Fearthegn)
- The appearance cloner now works on boots, gloves, and hats (Mimi Fearthegn)
- Warlock binding blast will now correctly apply; also fixed some other logic errors in warlock blast shape code (MimiFearthegn)
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Posted by mimifearthegn »

Applying a hotfix tonight. Post reset, you will experience. . .

- Fixed Night Market walkmesh
- Fixed warlock eldritch shield
- Totem Strike now fires on all totems in a wide range, the character does not have to stand inside AOE any more. Damage also scales depending on number of totems in the activation range. (Pelicanicious)
- Some dervish fixes
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Posted by mimifearthegn »

Also, link to this update's files:

Download here if the auto-downloader fails for you.
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