Update 3-7-2021

Important announcements. Incase of problems logging in, try:
Direct connect address: scod.game-server.cc
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Posted by mimifearthegn »

Greetings cagers! A few notes for this month's update before I get to the patch notes -

First, the OOC room should be back to normal. This means that Krampus has left for the year. He will return next Christmas (or thereabouts).

Secondly, there is a new button in your DMFI buttons that will take you back to the OOC room 1x an hour. This is to replace the log-out-log-in-with-different-username "feature." The log out/log in trick has been a handy way to fix certain bugs for a long time, but it also clears local character data (like from quests). As we add more high level content, this will become more of a problem, so I am disabling it with this update. Instead, you can use the return-to-OOC-room button.

Thirdly, we are getting KEMO storage. It should be pretty stable, but let me know if you notice anything odd in the next month.

Finally, for a limited time, you can request new achievements or DM granted achievements be added to your character here.

And now, patch notes:

- Installed KEMO storage. You should be able to access it from the OOC room, and from a new bank area in the Clerk's Ward (MimiFearthegn)
- Achievements system (MimiFearthegn)
- The server should now reset between 2-4am EST, even if there was a crash earlier in the day.
- Caster classes should give dummy feats for spell level known, and PrCs should use the dummy feats instead of class level for their requirement (Edmaster)
- New human and elf armors / boots (Taurus Daggerknight)
- Guvner hats and belt - for all standard races, as well as goblins, kobolds, and rakshasa (Taurus Daggerknight)
- New Cranium Rat textures and model (Taurus Daggerknight)
- New fey heads with horns (Taurus Daggerknight)
- New on cast spell VFX (Mithras)
- New music (Mithras)
- The return of 2 old quests to undersigil: Bitter Symon, and the Spirit Hunter quest from the Foul Olde Spirit Inn. Both can be found in the Seven Deeds area (MimiFearthegn)
- Ten fingers sells cigars and umbrellas now. (MimiFearthegn)
- Added different torch models (lantern, candelabra), and made some magic torches. They have been added to the loot tables, along with a variety of other mildly magic "junk" items. (MimiFearthegn)
- Added card merchant - he should randomly appear around town (MimiFearthegn)
- 2 new player houses

- Palemaster warlock feat fix (Gadwin)
- Blades of Fire should now work for creature weapons (Edmaster)
- Lycan weapon fix (Edmaster)
- Spiderskin AC logic fix (Edmaster)
- Kobold tail shadow fixed (Taurus Daggerknight)
- The transitions in Undersigil and the Twelve Factols should be more large-creature friendly
- Returned beastmaster to the Fortune's Wheel
- Dervish Fixes for Dervish Dance (Edmaster)
- Half outsider mage path should work for warlocks now (Edmaster)
- Nimbots are no longer infinite
- Various TLK fixes
- Colothys fruit will no longer give random blues
- Plant PRC should correctly have concentration as class skill
- Freezing fog should now use a new VFX and no longer call up a grease AOE (MimiFearthegn, Mithras for VFX)
- TWF feats should no longer get added to shields
- The book lady in the Hall of Records should take random books (romance novels, etc.).
- Removed some unused transitions in the city
- Halflings (and some other races) should be able to take hats in the SCoD category now.
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Posted by mimifearthegn »

A hotfix should take effect next reset, which includes -
- Undersigil -> Twelve Factols transition fixed
- Ebolakhan should now decay
- Scriptorium door fix
- Beastmaster should note that he doesn't give exactly 2x money on a win
- EMs/DMs can create cards from pedestal(s) in the DM lair
- Jules' door should auto-close
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