The Return of the Witchinghour!

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Taurus Daggerknight
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Ladies, Gents and Drones (and yes, everything else of any kind in the multiverse), we have some very special news to share today.

One of our comrades in arms has, as you know, returned to our little community as of the last few months. What some of you may not realize is that she was in years past among the SCOD DM team, a seat which is now being reclaimed. Which is to say; we hope you will all join us in extending a hearty welcome back to WitchingHour on the DM panel!

When asked how she felt about coming back into her own, Witchinghour had this to say:


Be afraid Cagers. Be very afraid!
I just want to kill monsters and get prizes for it. Is that REALLY so much to ask for?
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