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'Morning / 'Afternoon Cagers! Today we have the May Update. Please enjoy these patch notes in no particular order:

- New VFX for cure/inflict spells (Mithras)

- New form of doom VFX (Mithras)

- New music for builders (Mithras)

- Updated palemaster summon (Morigan)

- Psychic Warrior fixes (Edmaster)

- Kemo animations height adjuster (Edmaster)

- Refreshing appearance no longer requires gloves (Edmaster)

- Blade of Fire fix (Edmaster)

- Fixed Double Stacking for Knight healing (Edmaster)

- Capped Duration of Dervish Dance (Edmaster)

- Fixed Lawful Evil Gate Summon (Edmaster)

- Increased Psychic Warrior Power Points (Edmaster)

- Crown of Flame edits (Edmaster)

- Excluded Half Outsider Magic for Styx Releveling and Added Tail option for Half Outsider (Edmaster)

- Language granting fix (Gadwin)

- Zero bar, in the Hive Ward (Theorem of Neutrality)

- New outlands areas, with encounters (Weirwood)

- 2 new quests in the Outlands (Weirwood)

- Darkness now has a similar mechanic to Hungry Darkness - blindness for enemies, +20% concealment for friends (Mimi Fearthegn)

- Blind sight (the spell) now gives blindness immunity (Mimi Fearthegn)

- Dark Discorporation is toggleable in Warlock Buddy (Mimi Fearthegn)

- Call of the Beast and Utterdark beasts should now go away on pressing the Release Spells button (Mimi Fearthegn)

- OOC button now asks you if you're sure before teleporting you to the OOC room. The cooldown is also now 30 minutes (Mimi Fearthegn)

- Utterdark blast now has a chance to raise shadows to fight alongside you; they work by the same mechanic as Call of the Beast (Mimi Fearthegn)

- Reworked Baleful Polymorph spell (Mimi Fearthegn)

- Fellblade rework (Mimi Fearthegn / Taurus Daggerknight)

- New Warlock PrC: Hexen (Mimi Fearthegn / Taurus Daggerknight)

- New icons for Fellblade, Hexen, and Psychic Warrior (Taurus Daggerknight)

- The bear form for Word of Changing has been replaced by a proper fey form (Mimi Fearthegn / Taurus Daggerknight)

- 50-ish new DM shards are available with which to tune NPCs to your liking on the fly. (Gadwin)

- Brand new enchanted items of various kinds are available in both Bouldertake shops, including: +3/+4 falchions, +2/+3/+4 whips, giant weapons, and creature weapons, +2/+3/+4 amulets of wisdom, new punching gloves, casting-rechargable mage staves, mindsilver staves up to +2 (Gadwin)

- The options for both Resilient and Spell-Warding tattoo options will now inform you that they need to be equipped to take effect. (Gadwin)

- Ranger outdoors HIPS has been replaced with normal HIPS. (Gadwin)

- Tumble has been added as a class skill for Ranger. (Gadwin)

- Frenzy no longer fatigues lv 8+ Frenzied Berserkers. This was mostly done to deal with the annoyance of having the fatigue permanently stifle your movespeed to 100% for the full duration of any haste effect until rest. (Gadwin)

- Diamond Mind I had its duration upped from 4 rounds to 5. (Gadwin)

- Diamond Mind III had its duration upped from 4 rounds to 5, giving 50% uptime. (Gadwin)

- Meteor Swarm (Creature) nerf eased a bit from having its base die measured in d3s to d4s, compared to its old d6s. (Gadwin)

- Half Dragons' fang path ability has been reduced from granting +4 shield +1 every 6 character levels to +5 shield with a bonus +1 upon reaching lvs 10 and 20. (Gadwin)

- BRACHINA: Casting increased to 9/10 (all but lvl 5), DR increased to 10 to match succubus' (Gadwin)

- TANARRI: 4 DEX 4 CHA changed to 3 DEX, 3 CHA, 2 CON (0 net change) (Gadwin)

- MARQUIS CAMBION: 3 DEX (wheres the rest?) changed to 4 STR 1 CHA 1 DEX (+3 net change)
(STR 1 2 4 6, CHA 3, DEX 5) (Gadwin)

- Dragonborn have had their Draconic Heritage and breath feats removed, and are now ECL0. (Gadwin)

- Kobolds have had their stats adjusted from -4 STR -2 CON +2 DEX to -2 STR +2 DEX, and their favored class is now Any. (Gadwin)

- Shifting Infiltrator is now a medium BAB class instead of high BAB. (Gadwin)

- Babau, Abrymoch Erinyes, Bar Lgura, Warpriests of Ymir, and Kuo Toa have had their dispels taken away from them. (Gadwin)

- A particular fey in Brux has had Ice Storm taken away from their book, as a saveless AoE damage spell of that caliber is a bit too rough for such a low level area. (Gadwin)

- The Minotaurs in Maze had their SR reduced from 32 to 26. (Gadwin)

- The White Dragon no longer has detections in the high 60s, and his saves aren't quite so artificially bloated now. (Gadwin)

- New Portraits (Gadwin)

- Player house fixes, un-archiving, and additions (Mimi Fearthegn)
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Posted by mimifearthegn »

New update files, for those who have trouble with the autodownloader: Click here
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