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New Team Members!

Posted: Tue Aug 30, 2022 11:01 pm
by Taurus Daggerknight
Today, we have a couple of very special announcements to make. First up, a warm welcome to the newest member of the SCOD DM team. All hail the ascension of Shadowfox!

Many of you have no doubt had some terrific RP with her cast of characters already, and will also be aware of the fact that she has long been a moderator on the servers Discord group. Going forward, she will continue to be a part of said Discord's operations, and will henceforth be the official Community Lead on the team.

On the subject of the server Discord, we'd also like to welcome Muse aboard as a member of the moderation team! We are grateful to them for volunteering to take on the role and responsibilities that entails.

On a final note, we have a few things coming up soon, both in terms of content as well as some other major server announcements, so stay tuned!