October Update Preview

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Greetings Cagers!

As we are half way through September, I thought I would post a preview on what is to come in our next update (due at the beginning of October, or thereabouts).

For those unfamilar with the update process - new content usually enters testing around the end of the month. Testing takes a week or two, and then we push the new changes to the live server.

We have recently opened up the testing server to everyone. If you want to help out and be in-the-loop on the latest additions to the test server, just ask a moderator or DM to give you the tester tag on our discord.

And now, to the good stuff:

Coming Next Update
Shop Update - Part 2 (Mimi Fearthegn)
Last update we added new UI and a new shop screen, with currency split into gold, silver, and copper. This was part one of a two part project. Part two entails reworking how items are priced to be more in line with their perceived value on the server. In addition to making my life easier development side, you should see NPC shops become more relevant as expensive gear becomes more "reasonably expensive." Starter gear will remain affordable, but exact prices may change.

Shield Bash Feat Line (Edmaster)
The title says it all: a line of feats that adds shield bashing as a mechanic, and lets you do cool things with it. You should pester Edmaster mercilessly for details.

Martial Feat line changes (Gadwin)
The radius of Devoted Spirit 2 is being doubled. The damage of Desert Wind 3 will take ECL into account.

New File Host (Mimi Fearthegn)
We at last have new file hosting! Assuming that the internet gods remain pleased, we will be moving to new file hosting as of the coming update. This means (hopefully) faster download speeds for most players, and fewer ISP problems.

Ring-Giver and Dustmen Accessories (Taurus Daggerknight)
You may have already seen the Ring-Giver accessory on NPCS, but it will be coming to an appearance changer near you. It will be usable by humans (and human-likes), elves, dwarves, gnomes, half-orcs, kobolds, goblins, and lizardmen.

We also have a Dustman hood in development. It will likewise be made available to a wide variety of races upon completion (pending details). In progress pic below!

Stretch Goals
Armory Rebuild (Taurus Daggerknight)
The Doomguard need a new Armory, and a new Armory they shall get! The area is almost done, Taurus just isn't sure its "done" enough to be done in time for testing this month. Pic below:

Finally, a disclaimer: even in the "real world" of professional game development, projects get delayed all the time. While we try to hold ourselves to some standard of professionalism on the build team, we are all volunteers and amateurs. So please keep in mind that everything above is just an intended target. Dates and specifics can and do change all the time.
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