Update 10-24-2022

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Greetings Cagers! I present to you the October Update. Below you will find the patch notes.

Armor and Appearance Things
- Beholders can now wear HATS. (Homicidal Maniac)
- Ring-Giver ring should be accessible in the appearance changer. Also available for a variety of races. (Taurus Daggerknight)
- New goblin / hobgoblin colors (Stev)

Feat and Class Changes
- Shield Bash feat line (Edmaster)
- The radius of Devoted Spirit 2 is now doubled. The damage of Desert Wind 3 will take ECL into account. (Gadwin)
- Abiding Masterwork prevents golem control devices from being destroyed, adjusted appearances for Demonflesh Golems. (Xndar)

- Shops are on a new back-end pricing structure. (Mimi Fearthegn)
- Missing items such as kamas / shurkens have been added to the bouldertank shops. (Mimi Fearthegn)
- Full Plate should be less expensive. (Mimi Fearthegn)

- A'kin the Friendly Fiend has opened up shop in the Lower Ward, displacing Leilani (Theorem of Neutrality)
- New Armory areas. (Taurus Daggerknight)

File things
- We are on a new file server. Hopefully this will mean faster download speeds and fewer issues for everyone. (MimiFearthegn)
- There is updated text in the Info/Rules/News tabs when you log in. In future, this text will actually update and be relevant. (MimiFearthegn)

Miscellaneous Fixes
- Small fixes related to shops / conversations: Merchant should no longer walk around the Lab. Bazaar tunnel corpses should respawn. Cloner should say he charges 1 sp. Astral captain should say he charges the right amount. Height adjuster is now plot. Transition down to umber hulks is now plot. Tout now says greens instead of jink - Mimi
- Faction scry should be fixed for people who rebuild - Mimi
- New Finesse is finally working (Daeglyth, Edmaster)
- Fixed Sweeping Strike Logic, should now properly account for Overwhelming Force feat and act accordingly (Edmaster)
- Frenzy should not longer be dispellable (Edmaster)
- Player house edits

Taurus & I did not manage to go through portraits for this update, but plan to get to them in the coming week.
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