Update 11-16-22

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Posted by mimifearthegn »

Behold the hotfix. ..

No wait, the mini-update. . .

the Spooky Update. . .

Fine, its the Full Update for November.

Within this update, you will find:

- The Carnival is back in town! For a limited time, the Carnival has once more appeared in the Cage. Prepare for festival season!
- New Carnival items (Lucadia)
- New voice set (Homicidal Maniac)
- Masks, hats and helmets for Lizardmen (Tassadarh)
- Power Point buff for Psions (Xndar)
- Psion DC buff at epic levels (Xndar)
- A fix to the scry bug where everyone appears as the viewers faction (Mimi Fearthegn)
- Trianym added to the Great Gymnasium (MimiFearthegn)
- Portraits - if you submitted them in October / first week of November, they should be in unless otherwise specified (Taurus Daggerknight)
- New fiendforms (Shadowfox)
- Fiend form should no longer stack with dark discorporation (Mimi Fearthegn)
- Ring Giver Rings should be accessible (Mimi Fearthegn)
- Female humans, human-likes, and tieflings have more hairs available at the barber (Mimi Fearthegn)
- Force screen fix (Edmaster)
- New hats for EVERYONE - everyone being standard playable races + goblins and kobolds (Taurus Daggerknight)
- Some store reworks to Shale and the Bouldertank stores (Mimi Fearthegn)
- New store for the Armory (Mimi Fearthegn)
- Sell price bug fix (Mimi Fearthegn)

Coming soon. . .
Half undead (Edmaster)
More hairs for the barber + a fix for the bug at hair index 220 (MimiFearthegn)
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