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Merry Christmas, Cagers!

This morning, we bring you the Spookymas Update - the unholy combination of the Spooky update and the return of Krampus and the seasonal OOC room.


- The Return of Krampus, and free rebuilds.
No, Krampus will probably not behave any better than he has other years, so remember to post in ask-a-dm on Discord if he steals your EXP and a DM will help.

- New OOC Room (Mimi Fearthegn)
Please note: some NPCs have been replaced, and all the appearance related NPCs are now in a side area with the appearance changing mirrors. So, take a minute to look around!

- Half-Undead (Edmaster)
The spooooooky part. A new template PrC with multiple paths.

- New Models for Bronze and Gem Dragons (Xndar)

- New and Fixed Lizardmen Hats (Tassadarh)

- Santa Hats and Outfits (from the Vault, imported to NWN2 by Trinital)
Hats and Outfits should work on human-like and elf-like races. The hats should work on humans, elves, and lizardmen.

- Xanta has three(3) new gifts

- The new voicesets should actually play in game (Homicidal Maniac)

- Some description / misc TLK fixes (Homicidal Maniac)

- Xilin's player house
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