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With the PC branch announcements looming, the DM team would like to encourage current Factor PCs to write a short wiki page about themselves, and their branch roles/philosophies! You may have seen Dathi and Mimi doing this for NPCs already, so please look at Factor Ingwe's pages for an example of formatting here: https://sigil-nwn2.fandom.com/wiki/City_Hospitality and https://sigil-nwn2.fandom.com/wiki/Ingwe_Alting

Your PC's wiki page isn't to function as a detailed biography or journal, the bio section of the forums is still there! This however is meant to give prospective PCs to your branch some common chant about your PC, and their branch. While this is not required to maintain your rank, it is highly encouraged, and DMs will be filling out a page for your PC if no one does, so take control of your own PC's legacy. Similarly, the DMs will be changing pages that do not answer the following brief prompts:
Introduce your PC briefly, and their notable contributions to their faction

How or Why does your PC live by their faction philosophy, what got them noticed?

Everyone will have rivals in and out of their faction while Factor; Give us 1 negative rumor or plot hook about your PC that might be circulating your faction.

Don't fret though if you've never touched the wiki!
  • Make an account with Fandom using your SCoD username (so we can keep track of who is editing Factor pages. If you have an account by a different name, let a DM know)
  • Go to SCoD's wiki front page, and click "create new page", and begin writing. You will making 2, 1 for your PC and the other for your branch. (See attached image for the button).Image
  • When done, navigate to your Faction's wiki page to edit it, and include your branch and PC page in a link, as the other branches are organized.
It should go without saying that these pages must be named appropriately. Any further organization, such as categories, can be made later. As well do not edit another PC's wiki page without express permission by that player, or the DM Team.