Update 2-13-2023

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Posted by mimifearthegn »

Greetings Cagers! Tonight the update went live! Patch notes below.

Also, Krampus will be staying for another 24 hours in case this update prompts any rebuilds. After that, he is going on his way until the next holiday season.

Finally, scroll down below the patch notes for an update on what to expect this spring.

The Patch Notes

New Animal Ears/Horns (Tassadarh)
There is a new category in the appearance changer for animal ears and horns as hats. They work for male and female humanlikes, elflikes, and halfling-likes.

New Goblin Heads/Hair (Tassadarh)
New goblin heads, and ear options as hair. The full range of skin/eye/hair colors have also been unlocked for goblins.

New Lizardfolk Heads (Tassadarh)
New heads and body for lizardfolk. The full range of skin/eye/hair colors have also been unlocked for lizardfolk.

New Heads for Arcanaloth (Tassadarh)
New and reworked heads are now available for male and female arcanaloth.

New Psionic Powers (Edmaster)
New and reworked psionic powers, including:
- Elf Sight has been modified to work much like it does in Pen and Paper
- Stygian Weapon(Weapon is Imbuned with Negative Energy that does 1d6 Damage, 1d8 if Augmented)
- Stygian Disruption(Your weapon takes on the Undead Disruption Property, adding Undead Ruin Feat)
- Stygian Touch(You Bestow negative Levels on a Successful Fortitude Save, You drain 5 temp hp)
- Rage of the Remorhaz(Your body becomes searing Hot, damaging Those who touch you, 4d6 Fire Damage Shield, 5d6 if Augmented)
- Weapon of Darkness(reworked claws of darkness, 1d6 Cold damage, with a chance to Slow your enemies down, DC 12 + Wisdom Mod)
- Dissolving Weapon reworked to function as an Acid Bleed Ability (1d6 Acid damage per 3 Levels, capped at 5d6 at level 15, augmentation adds an extra 1d6 damage)
- Change to Force Screen reverted

Goblin voice fix + Description fixes (Homicidal Maniac)
Goblin females can now take the goblin voice. Various class/race/spell description fixes.

FISHING is now fixed (Mimi Fearthegn)
Fishing now works. You can buy a fishing rod and bait from the pixie in the Brux waterfall area. You can fish in the Brux waterfall pond.

Miscellaneous (Mimi Fearthegn)
- Added Gretta's house
- Installed the Realistic Armors replacement armors (see here: https://neverwintervault.org/project/nw ... rs-project).
- Some trapping fixes
- Some item price fixes for stores (not complete)
- Added carriable and wearable baskets. Wearable baskets are under cloaks. Carriable baskets are purchaseable from Linette in the Bazaar
- Added some new witcher NPC appearances for VFX npcs later
- You can no longer switch factions freely at the faction Mimir if you are a higher rank than Namer.
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Posted by mimifearthegn »

Upcoming Additions + News

So first off, a few pesky alerts:

- Taurus & I will be traveling in March. As such, there will be no March update, nor will I be running anything in game in March. I may, however, be on Discord on and off, and can fields queries about my currently running plots on Discord as well.

- Since I was asked about it recently: yes, we do intend to enforce ongoing Factor RP requirements. As in, PCs with the factor rank will need to report to their Factol and/or Dabus monthly, and those who do not, will be eventually demoted to Factoral. However, we will not be tracking this until April.

- Final note: If you have a character who is interested in seeking faction promotion, feel free to reach out to a member of the DM team to discuss character direction, options, and when/if we can potentially run something for you. Likewise, if your character has a non-faction oriented quest idea or goal, feel free to message one of us to discuss!

And now, the fun things coming soon to a server near you. . .


Skydocks and Hive Areas
The Skydocks area should be completed by next update (April), and with it will come several supporting Hive areas. These include areas along the Ditch, the Hive Locks, and the City Provisioners.

Faction Powers
Coming after the Skydocks will, fingers crossed, be faction powers and salaries. The latest plan for this can be viewed here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing

Balancing feedback is welcome.

Higher Res Hair
Last I spoke to him, TenPigeons was still working on redoing all the hair we have in game to give them higher resolution textures, and make them better quality in general. It is a long slow process, but it will be awesome when it is complete!

Taurus Daggerknight is planning to overhaul our current selection of gun appearances to make them more customizable, and along with this change, we will be adding in a firearms system (and possibly a PrC!)

Summoning Update
Morrigan plans to work on an update to summons and henchmen, to make them more worthwhile and exciting.

New Animations
Homicidal Maniac has been working with Kism to get most of our humanoid races into Kism's animation tool. This tool allows for the import of animations into NWN2, so we should be seeing new animations - both for human-likes, as well as filling in the gaps for monster races - sometime soon.

RedWizard is working on bringing the Alienist PrC to SCoD.

More Customization for the Beast Races
Tassadarh is working on expanding the customization options for the monster races: new head, hair, tails, clothing, and (hopefully) animations. Let him know on Discord what you would most like to see!

Edmaster is going to overhaul Favored Soul to be closer to Pathfinder's Oracle, in order to add flavor and interest to the class.

(more possibly to come; but this is all I have confirmation on for the moment)
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