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Fellow Cagers,

Today's news update is a bit of a tough one for Mimi and I to pen. Cutting to the short of it: we will be stepping down as DM's/ Admins of SCOD, and taking a break from NWN2.

In a very real way, we’ve both grown up with this game. NWN2 has been our go-to for the entirety of its shelf-life (sixteen years now!). In that time, there was rarely a day that did not see us either logging in, firing up the toolset, or plotting out a campaign. It has been an amazing run - we love this community, the server, and the setting. We’ve met some of our best friends (each other included!) on SCoD and other NWN2 worlds. Modding for NWN2 kickstarted our careers.

In short - having the chance to be part of everyone’s amazing stories has been a boon, a privilege, and expanded our own creativity.

Sixteen years, however, is a lot of time, and we can no longer commit to the kind of daily focus that developing and DMing for a PW needs and deserves.

To be clear, we are not leaving because of any tension in the team, the community, or any problem with the server. The truth is we have been stretching ourselves thin these last couple of years, because we loved being able to craft and steward one of the last bastions of Planescape. At this point though, we need to reassess our priorities, and that means taking a step back.

As part of that process, we will most likely be dropping out of the SCOD Discord, at least for a while. Again, this is not because there is any problem with anyone. We simply need a little time and space as we refactor things.

To all the amazing storytellers we’ve had the pleasure of crafting worlds with, all the adventurers whose tales we could be a part of, and most of all the people who taught us so many things about our crafts: thank you. May our paths cross again in the many more adventures that lie ahead!

Warm regards (and Justice Prevail!!!!),

- Mimi (Sasha Andor) & Taurus (Dace Andor)
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