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And finally, the second part of this batch of announcements!

It's been a bit over a month since Mimi and Taurus's departure, and naturally, this still leaves players with a lot of questions about what is going to happen narrative wise. We can firmly say that for now, there will be no immediate retcons or review of past DM stances. As well, not all DMs shared their notes with the rest of the team, so in kind, characterization and knowledge of accomplishments may have been lost or remain inaccessible. It's the Story Team's intention though to rebuild as much of our known history as possible. So we ask the players to fill out this form to privately inform us about past happenings and events as they can recall, about their own PCs' actions. It's encouraged to provide any information you can, even if you believe it's common knowledge or repetitive. As well, this form will continue to be available for player use in submitting other private developments to the Story Team, and will be pinned in the discord within the Server Information channel. You can fill out the form here: - But something important to note! That the IC forums are still incredibly important with tracking characters' IC activities and histories, please don't forget it or this form, or else we risk losing -your- accomplishments.

In the same vein, unfortunately, with a lack of thorough notes from DMs who had been running plots, many must be shelved with no guarantee to resume at the moment. Anything regarding Dathi's plots will be on hiatus indefinitely, this includes the Gith/Enki plot. Likewise, Mimi and Taurus's Ortho plot will be on hold.

So what gives? What is the story team doing and what direction is the server going into now? Without revealing -too much- for now, the story team is excited to start rerooting the server in the planescape setting, obviously, but with a further focus on Sigil and potentially the Outlands. Likewise in rerooting ourselves in the setting, we're also excited to be rerooting ourselves in a more team-oriented mode of plot running, instead of the highly independant mode the team has been in. Don't worry though, personal requests are not going anywhere! You can request events here:

Of course, with only 3 active DMs right now, and some extra freedom given, we'd like to properly announce a new app form for EMs, DMs, and our newest story team role: Narrative Builders. You can find the app here!

What -is- a narrative builder then?
A Narrative Builder is a player who has an interest in collaborating with the rest of the team in continuing SCoD’s story by assisting in writing new lore (to be unveiled in a plot, in accordance to the story vision), other plot points, offer feedback to other team members’ own writing, but most importantly, assist in updating the wiki and the scod archive drive with recent IC developments and lore needed for all.

That is all for now, SCoD! Thank you for having and continuing to have patience! Please ferry any questions on this in the discord!
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