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Update 6-21-2023

Posted: Thu Jun 22, 2023 1:08 am
by edmaster44
Long time coming, this is more of a Testing the waters/making sure i don't mess things up, etc etc.

From Isk. Tails for Arcanoloth's, Lizardfolks, New Lizardfolk Models and Fixed Heads for Arcanoloths. ((Tails disabled for now))

DM Odin/Guccishades
Soul Knife Fixes
Bug Fixes.

Shadowfox -

Updated shops in Bazaar and OOC
Updated Clerks Ward for player house entrances
Added Player Housing

Stones -

Event Maps!

New Shop Items - vfx costumes at the Sensates
Player House Kyrador
Em rewards , shards and npcs
Some item updates and fixes
test shadow dancer 4 see if it works

Gadwin -

Dragon Polymorph Buff.

Homicidal Maniac-

TLK Fixes

Preview for Next Update

New Content from Jude! (A lot of it)

Oracle(Favored Soul Remake, A Write up will come soon with some adjusted stuff based on feedback)