The Serphidian's Ssrath

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Many of the vrael olo have had disturbing, and increasingly frequent dreams. Dreams of someone embracing them who will not let go, or of being bound by ropes, or even most strange of all, a yuan-ti being a mouse, held tight by a serpent. Many of the Ssethssar have, through repeated divinations, have learned that Sseth wishes for his favored ones to act, but what he needs is not clear. This has prompted yuan-ti to undertake quests of varying sorts.

One such quest has lead a group of serphidians, members of House Hss'tafi and other assorted auvrael to the City of Doors, a realm where they hope to discover the truth behind Sseth's distress. With access to the multiverse and the possibility of a portal leading directly to Smaragd, Sigil is an ideal place to stage their investigation.

For most yuan-ti, there is Sseth and only Sseth. The other serpentine deities that some vrael olo have worshipped over the years have all been either masks worn by Sseth, or false faces of the fell deities venerated by Scaleless Ones. The latter beings seek always to subvert yuan-ti from the truth of Sseth and lead them into decadent indolence, loss of power, and ultimate betrayal and destruction.

All yuan-ti must act in accordance with the Sacred Way of Sseth - that is, subtly. Whenever possible, vrael olo should choose manipulation over open confrontation, the whisper over the fang, and subterfuge over battle spells. Those who follow the Sacred Way of Sseth know their foes , think ahead, plan forward, and slither well.

While the various serphidians and other auvrael make a tightly knit ssrath in the City of Doors, only allowing other vrael olo truly into their ranks, the heavy influence from Hss'tafin mean they are not above making pacts and securing valued allies in other Scaled Ones, and even the scaleless if required.

The ssrath in Sigil seek:
  • other vrael olo who seek the truth regarding Sseth's distress
  • Scaled Ones or other scaled creatures that could become trustworthy allies
  • scaleless that would make useful associates or pawns
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