Archaeological Exhibition

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Posted by *Tomekk »

A message arrives at Ambar's desk.

"Most honorable Factol,

I, Ashalle Swain-Ta'kan, Namer, would herein request that a small, relatively unused portion of the Foundry be opened to an exhibition of archaeological findings I've procured over my tenure with the Godsmen, regarding various cultures and their views on gods, creation and thus, the Source.

So far my findings include pieces from the Dead City of Moil, several dozen shipwrecks scattered across the Plane of Water and my own home world of Syrna. I can forward you an abstract of the exhibition, should it be requested.

Awaiting your answer,
Namer Ta'kan-Swain"
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Posted by *Ariella »


What a wonderful and unique idea. Create for me a manifesto detailing your finds and their history. Find or create security and find or create someone to maintain the exhibit and we shall see it done to perfection.


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