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Somewhere out there, somewhere in sigil, a newcomer was fighting the same fight innumerable others had engaged in. The fight to carve a place for themselves out of the hard shell of alien sigil. For kip, recognition, coin, influence and safety, one would have to face down a system that had existed far longer and was larger then any one being. Sigil was a place where even a tiny room in the worst part of town cost more gold them many kings would ever see at one time and like so many others, they acclimated by serial escalation of the violent sort.

Zharixious was keenly aware that there was a typical method of doing joining these factions, of making one's peace with their structure as a matter of practicality but they'd walked ysgard's branches, known takers and ring givers, even been given, however small a place, a place yet in Alfheim. They carried a history and philosophy in and on them, the memory of deaths aplenty, the admiration and animosity between themselves and the valkyries. They wouldn't dwell in plagues and choking ash and not just for their own sake. They visited, asked questions, bought text and tomes of the faction, they learned and argued, but they did not linger, they walked the planes, they sharpened their skills, both in violence and creation. When they would press their case, it would be with a great many creations in the hands of others and their own. Two horns, to mark the armor, weapons and tools of the universes exceptions.

To say they were a smith was both accurate and incorrect, at their core, the copper was a flesh-sharper, a worker of woods, leathers and tendons, the living materials favored by the elfs, taken to a planar extreme. Where life was, so too might it live again in their desired shape. Their latest project? Hybridization, splicing of the biological sort, forging amalgams in the greenhouse rather then the great forge. Coffee shrubs, a rich blend that craved volcanic soil, crossed with a low form of flora from the para elemental between earth and fire. To turn the picky plants to some mixture of thaumavore and thermavore.
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