A Letter of Promotion

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A letter in Ambris' tight, neat script is left to his overseeing Factotum and to Factor Ombidias.
To Whom It May Concern,

Given my involvement in cleaning up recent catastrophes, and a reassessment of my own potential use to the Faction as a whole in guiding a soul or two to our doors, I feel it may be time to pursue further involvement with the Faction. I'd like to request the tests for advancement to Factotum rank, to be administered at the Faction's leisure. I remain at its disposal.

Ever Forged to The Source,
Ambris Troile
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Ambris Troile,

I have considered your request with care, and agree that it is an appropriate time for your test. Come to see me in the next few days.

- Factor Ombidias
//Since its been a while, and I have no great ideas for said test, feel free to come up with something that Ambris created to prove his worth to the Godsmen.
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