Notes left at Chirpers

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A few copies of some handwritten notes were said to be strewn about Chirper's by a dark-skinned fiendess in hopes of reaching Indep eyes. They'd read;

"In the hopes of improving the cage for all, I have been asked to bring some semi-important and recent news to light.

As some may have heard, a few cycles ago, the Sigilian branch of Harmonium has diverged from their brethren of the imperialistic Orthon empire. What may not have been considered, though, are some of the implications of what this means for our hardheads now. They were asked to conquer the other cage, and refused in spite of the very real possibility of a retaliation from their home. At the very least, I for one believe this to be the potential start of a better, more widely-benevolent management of the Harmonium, in which case just about everyone in the cage stands to benefit from this development.

It is no secret that a majority of the Free League dislike the hardheads, and in the past there may have been plenty-good reason for such. I would not be so naive as to ask you forget about these things, but I would ask that an open mind is kept regarding their newest shift away from what they used to be.

I would also, however, make it clear that this is simply an opinion to be left in the wind for consideration. Free will is a precious thing, and I do not seek to taint such for anyone- I merely wish to present another realm of thought on the news at hand."


The Erinyes would thereafter make a point of popping by Chirpers' once in a while to gauge reactions.
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