Free Yourselves

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Seraphel reaches out to all cells she could find, spreading a new voice among the Revolution to those that would listen.

Soldiers of the Revolution,

War has echoed in our hearts since the first Hiver cried out against the tyranny of the Triad. Their greed forced us into chains, pushed us into the gutters of the ragged and starving. Their laws have driven us into poverty and suffering.

The Cage has much in abundance, but there are those who still covet more than they'll ever need. The very thing that could feed and clothe the poor is kept to sit in the pockets of the well-fed and wealthy. Our freedoms stripped from us, bound up in laws we never agreed upon made by leaders we never chose. Those that protest and cry out for change are met with threads and violence, for they stand too few and feeble.

And so we turned to the way of the terrorist. We purge those that would chain us with fire and steel, making many small cuts on a larger beast in hope that it will succumb to their wounds. Yet they stand as strong as ever. We infect their ranks and sabotage their goals, yet they still carry on in the light while those of us hide in the shadows. The death toll rises and the cobbles are saturated with the blood of both the freedom fighter and the dictator, yet nothing has change. This is the way it has always been. The way of hundreds years of war and hatred.

We fly the banner of Revolution proudly, yet pull it down when our enemy lurks near. We bomb them in their taverns, their offices, and their beds, yet they are easily replaced. We reach out to those who would rally with us, yet our extreme methods turn many away.

To those who read these words, do not doubt and do not be cynical. Do not let the trials of war turn your hearts black and your methods cold. The despair that festers within us will pass. The tyranny that looms over us like a dark cloud will end. And when the ashes settled and the dust has cleared, we must not become the very darkness we fought to destroy.

Soldiers of the Revolution,

Don't let the bitterness of failure sway you. Turn that bitterness into passion, your hatred into drive. We are the Revolution and we will make change, but our weapons need not be bombs or steel, fire or poison. Our weapons can be words, words to inspire and to lead those that cry out for change. Words and deeds of good that earn the respect and love of all that plead for freedom.

Let those of like minds gather and fight for a society of understanding and prosperity. Let us grow food for the starving, make medicine for the sick, and do away with petty wants and desires that lead to avarice and corruption. Do away with dictators that live only for themselves. Do away with leaders that do not protect those they lead. Do away with intolerance and misery.

Free yourselves, soldiers. Free your heart from hatred, from bitterness. Free yourselves from these shackles and gather with those that believe as you and I do. Our banner is not a shield to hide behind. Our banner is an ideal to bring to light, not with fear and hatred, but with understanding and reason.

And on that day when we've gathered, we will walk in the open together, free. And those that wish to chain us again will be seen by all as the tyrants they truly are. Only then will the people question authority. Only then will the power of the people return and those who wish not to be confined anymore will rise up and drive tyranny away.