Roleplaying: The Revolutionary League

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What are you doing, asking about Anarchists in such a public place? Haven't you ever heard that the walls in Sigil have ears, eyes, and even mouths? If you want to stay out of the dead-book in this burg of politics and philosophies, you'd better start being a lot more subtle than that!
So you want to know about Anarchy? You're asking the right mimir here, cutter...I've spoken with some of the best-known -- or should that be leastknown -- agents of the so-called faction, and gathered some fascinating darks for you. 'Course, it goes without saying you can't tell a living soul. Or even an undead one. Otherwise, you may well wake up to find something rather nasty in your bed, courtesy of an irate anarchist.
The Evolution of Revolution
What is anarchy? Is it just a bunch of power-crazed terrorists bent on causing harm, or do these secretive bashers have a real driving philosophy guiding them? Who are the factions' elusive leaders? What do they stand for? None of these questions is often asked, let alone answered.
Within me has been gathered chant and screed from several sources, and no, I'm not about to reveal them. You never know who might be listening. And if you've got any sense, you'll look over your shoulder just in case there are spying eyes watching what you're learning too.
May the dark be with you...

Roleplaying an Anarchist

A basher might think the Revolutionary League’s natural secrecy implies a certain amount of paranoia among its members - and he’d have the dark of it. The Cage can’t hold a more suspicious bunch. Even Hardheads trust at least each other, plus most Gnvners, Mercykillers, and select others. Anarchists don’t trust anyone. not even other cell members

RACE. Most Anarchists infiltrate other factions. Its peely nature makes the Revolutionary League a good home for loners, so tieflings and half-elves join in large numbers. However, they seem less inclined to participate in the more subtle undertakings of the cells that require them to interact with other groups under cover. Bariaur often prove a little flamboyant for the Anarchists’ tastes. Githzerai have a special affinity for the League, but dwarves and other races strongly inclined toward law seldom join.

CLASS. Of the many Anarchist warriors, most work as fighters, though the League has a few rangers, too. It also embraces priests and wizards, the latter usually concentrating on enchantments, divinations, and other covert magic. ’Course, the most common profession by far in the League  is that of thief and other rogues.

ALIGNMENT Though they claim to accept all comers, the Anarchists keep out lawful types, who’d feel adverse to overthrowing the order in society. A few good bashers join, believing in the nobility of bringing down factions, despite the violence that arises. Some evil types join because of that violence. However, most of the faction breaks down evenly between chaotic and neutral members. ’Course, perhaps the lack of lawful types is what keeps the League from really getting organized.

(To access this ability, speak to the Mimir in the OOC room. This ability is represented mechanically ingame and does not require consent.)

Anarchists can pose as a member of any other factions automatically, without being detected. They do not receive the faction’s special abilities, but they do gain acceptance, access to their headquarters, and can call on other members of other factions for aid. Upon joining the Anarchists, the Anarchist may select which faction to infiltrate and cannot infiltrate more than one at a time. Anarchists are immune to divination abilities that would reveal their true allegiances. Anarchists can advanced in rank of their infiltrated faction like any other, but must earn their rank and badge and cannot pretend to be higher ranking than what they actually are within the faction.

An anarchist that abandons their secondary faction cannot join another one without the help of a DM.