Revolutionary 'roll Call'

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Something had changed, indefinable at first. A stirring in the deep, uttered whispers but a hiss of breath through the darker channels and winding alleys. Safe houses long thought abandoned behind their cover began to show signs of increased traffic through scuffed boot print or snuffed candle. Graffiti paints the wall, new among old, with ineligible nonsense for all but those who 'Know all the Abyssal Lords'. It might be suggested, in the pitch-black shades of chant, that Anarchist activity is on the rise, but any blood that has their worms about them knows all too well...

They were never gone to begin with.

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(( The idea behind this thread is to keep track of who has active Revolutionary characters, and their influence. Please respond accordingly below with your character's 'alias' and 'rank' (Alt accounts are welcome/encouraged for forum anonymity if you feel the need), along with a PM as to true identity and any personalized philosophy. All PCs will be considered 'rogue' agents unless stated to belong to a particular cell already. This will be addressed IC and made clear once numbers are established. If you have a character you would like to have join the Revolutionary League, send me a PM. ))
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He had moved from safe house to safe house looking for activity. Most of these places had been quiet as of late which was both good and bad. It was good that supporters hadnÂ’t needed to use them to hide or protect themselvesÂ… it meant the heat was off of them, but bad at the same time because that meant there was little activity to further the cause. So now he found himself in an almost unique situation.

If the heat was off, if the hounds had been called back home, it meant that he could move the rest of the way into obscurity, leaving little but the sour taste of history in the mouths of those that once hunted him, allowing him the peace of an existence in anonymity. On the other hand, if the eyes were no longer on him, it meant he could once again step forward and stoke the flames and have a bit of an edge in doing so.

He would ponder on it a while longer. See that was the problem in being an anarchistÂ… thinking ahead was difficult at best. It was always in the here and now. Long range plans rarely worked out. Either way he decided to leave a little sign in one of the houses, just to let them know he was still about.

A single marking was drawn in the dust on a table. The marking he had always used in the past. The marking of the Pheonix.

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