Dark Prayers In The Street

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A strongly redoubted chambion strode stoutly into the throng of the hive. Strong and resolute his gaint as he ploughed through the tattered clothed streamlet of patetic creatures of all kind. He didn't veer, those in the way was either given a elbow or was furiously hit at, those with luck was simply pushed aside violently. A murmur of discontent was sung in his Wake. His hateful malicious gaze unlflinchingly locked dead ahead burning as two emebers in the chasm of his thick black helm.

Insignificant to everyone else it seemed as they simply strolled past but to Cromwhrail's the whimpering intonement pierced all surrounding shouts and clamerous noises of the busy streetlife. Halting in his step with a clattering of his hefty plate. He looked down to the creature postrating with her gnawled trembling cuped palms held before her. Submissivley holding her head low.
"Spare a coin for the needy Sir" The eldery woman whimpered her voice marred by a long harsh Life. Had she looked up she would probably shrieked away. If her eyes still served her. On her knees she held her hands aloft to make it easier would there agaons't presumtions be a benefactor in the man before her as the sound plate had insunuated at the least a vague wealth.

There was no gift of succour nor a helping hand. A crushing heel sundered the old bones in a crackling as her hands were viced between the ground and his foot. Twisting it as he pressed his full bodywieght over his leg. "Despicable wretch!" He roared as this greatly offended him somehow.

She rolled over in pain trying to cover her head as the chambion entered a frenzy of kicks directed at the mishappen woman. Bones snapping and blood begain to seep through her greyish raggs from the blunt damage.

((Will have to finish later.))