The Chant: Anarch Edition

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A thread for chant and rumors within the Revolutionary League, passed between members and uttered in only the darkest alleys of the City. This is an IC-based rumor thread specifically for Anarch use by PCs, GMs, and/or in relation to a member of said Faction. It's contents are not known to any outside the League unless obtained through appropriate IC means. Members are encouraged to post with alternate accounts, or with use of alias.

City/Server-wide chant is still encouraged and should be announced via The Darker Chant.
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Chant is passing among the Revolutionary League that a Harmonium officer, known as "Measure Two Mia Qiang", has been sniffing around too close to the activities of an Anarch cell. They're offering a hefty sum of jink to anyone with the skill and inclination to make the problem go away, one way or another. As usual, many are meeting this chant with paranoia.

((Feel free to PM me if you want to act on this information.))
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Chant out between the Anarchists is that one of their own had found that supposed stash of weapons around the ward, and they're pretty damn useful, going into their careful supply stashes, saved for a rainy day or needed use.

\\ Go ahead and PM me on here or Discord if any Anarchist may be interested in using the "donated" weapons.
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The chant throughout many of the cells is that cutters once able to contact Phoenix have been able to re-establish a connection with him... or someone claiming to be him. Little else was known other than the fact that he, apparently, was very much alive.