Eavesdropping At The Barracks

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Conversation picked up at the Harmonium barracks several cycles ago. Summarized below:

Context: A induction ceremony of a namer into their ranks, explanation of Harmonium expectations and responsibilities.

In Attendance: Officer Christopher Cryptbane (Presiding over the ceremony), Namer Nica (witness), Dragon Notary Junathoraxus (That's right cutters, the one from the papers), new recruit Marina.

Overheard: Cryptbane says they're not beholden to the rest of the Triad, and that justice doesn't need a warrant. The Guvs do nothing but waste their time and obstruct justice. Do what's necessary to uphold their ideals, Harmony at all costs.

My belief is that if one namer got this speech, all of them have, leading to the blatant disregard for personal rights or dignity coming from the new recruits. Upper ranks have turned a blind eye, even actively encouraging this behavior. Give recent publications, there is reason to believe that this policy is highly influenced by the dragon.

A concentrated effort is necessary to expose the willful hypocrisy of higher ups.

Time to take advantage of the in-fighting among the elites.