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The Greenman Curses

You find yourself deep in the dark woods, dried leaves touching the base of your feets as a cool breeze caresses your bare skin.
Warmth on both hands as your hands held onto other's hands.
Naked Skin painted Red in Ritualistic hand paints upon your skin and the other's. Goose bumps.
A gather of other women, arcane and Eldritch power flowing all around this circle, as a giant pyre was set ablaze.

You all stop, bend down and pick up a black feather, tossing it in the Pyre, you all chant
The black power of the raven
Flies above my head
The black power of the feather
And the smoke and the dead
You all held your hands together once again and continued to walk the Circle, repeating the Chant, until the fire burned Purple, with Dark Eldritch Flames, From these Fires, a Stagged Horn figure emerge.

A heavy feeling hits your chest.
Desire. Familiarity, warmth, Comfort.

"We summon thee, Green man, Curse the village of man, for their Crimes of burning our sisters, they all must burn"

The Figure dispeared as a sudden explosion of raven emerged from the Pyre, Flying in Unision, upwards....
Silence, ...Followed by loud shirkes of horror and pain, emerging from one direction....

A feeling of relief washed over you..

The vision ends.
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Anonymous donation:

The Past:
You are a hin child, no not hin; you are a demon blood touched hin. A Wispling, red haired, dark skin and tiny bumps of horns that do not pierce the skin. But Wispling is not that is what echoes in your head, freak, teifling, demon, devil, evil spawn. These words come from adults and children alike.

You are hiding in a miserable alley in Waterdeep, panting for breath, crying, you are hiding here having lost the pack of children that were going to beat you, again. You should have stayed at the orphanage but the place is boring and half the adults and other children are nearly as bad as this pack chasing you. Not for the first time you wish you could fit in that you looked normal. A chill grips your body and a shiver seizes you. You stop crying and wipe your eyes, has it been long enough, did you loose them?

You slink down the alley and turning into the street step into the path of a running child who knocks you down. This is one that was chasing you. You braced in fear ready to scramble to your feet and run again, but he reaches down and apologizes pulling you to your feet not seeming to sense your fear. There is no recognition in his face and he hurries off.

Dazed you wander down the street not exactly sure where you are but the direction you need to go in is fixed in your mind, the waterfront is that way you go this way. The looks you get from the people you pass are rare, missing are the uncomfortable sneers and glares occasionally there is even a smile. After a time you come to a dress shop, it is close to the orphanage, you will be home soon. Looking in the window you see a young hin lass dressed much the same as you are only her cloths fit better. You stare at each other and when you go to wave she waves back. When you turn she turns after a moment your confusion clears and you realize that is a mirror. The pure hin lass is you and she looks familiar, some one you have dreamed of several times in your life. Somehow you turned into this girl. Again running into the nearest alley you look your self over lighter skin, brown hair, shorter, your cloths actually fit comfortably. you panic realizing you can not go back to the orphanage like this and again the cold feeling washes over you and the shiver shakes your body. When it is over your sleeves are short you skin is dark and pulling a lock of hair into view it is bright red again.

That night and over several successive nights while wrapped tight hidden under the blankets on your bed you practice until the triggering of the shift is second nature. You give her a name, after the alley you found her in. Over time Lane prowls the city during the day, begging proper towns folk for little jobs, hauling waste, sweeping up stock, ordering shelves. The few coppers she earns over treats and favors gets squirrelled away. At night you prowl learning another way to live scavenging, rolling drunken sailors. You grow older together and the other becomes a character you wear to learn the good and loving side of people, you learn hin at the feet of people who would not give a Wispling the time of day. You learn Celestial doing odd jobs at the Chauntean temple outside of the city tending the hin Goddesses shrines.

You grew up together, and though you do not recognize the entirety of it you do not grow equally she is you and a program at the same time, you do not realize it but you could just watch only coming to the front when the program encounters a problem or needs to be harsher, braver, playful, rational or irrational. At the same time when you need to be, kind, compassionate, trusting, loving, serious, studious; these things reside in the part of yourself that she does and are as easy to tap as anger, rage and sorrow. But she is their guardian wrapped up in them. And that caused this...

The recent past:
[sight, names, locations are blocked only thoughts and words that do not reveal identities remain almost as if a different mind is recording this portion]

You are in an intimate situation there is confusion, you lover knows both forms, is one one of three lovers who do, and are three of five who even know you have a second form.

You: You know who I am in relation to my mistress. You say.
Lover: "I want your words"
You: The thought echoes 'yours hers not mine' reverberates stacks amplifies.
There is only one acceptable answer and that is not what comes from you.
You/her: "Yes Sir" your heart answers and something strains and you the pilot withdraw into frenzied concentration that lasts until it doesn't and you sleep, to come back and talk tomorrow.
Her: "I [paused]
Your last thought is to brush away her reaching for guidance from you.

The present:
You are licking your wounds while she spends 'adjustment time' wandering in the Beastlands, a quiet corner with no threats and you start to shift through the two of you trying to understand what happened to you the night before. It was not your lovers intention to wound you are sure but you need to do a proper job of bringing your sides together. You are busy in your own mind, opening links closing others forging new ones. You do not see the stranger, you do not hear them talking, arguing. Repairs half done, you do feel the alarm and pain as claws rake over your back and arm and the overwhelming wrongness you sensed in the city many cycles before assails you. Your other self throws the assailant away and you step into control of body and take your birth shape though the only difference is her wounds will stop bleeding. You hear a growl and words of hate from your childhood come from the hooded claw handed hin woman before you. You both strike hard and fast you are both wounded repeatedly but the assailant is the one to fall in the end. Dead you think but staggering forward you pull the hood away and the world goes black.
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Anonymous donation

The Good die young ((link for musical Background))

You are an elven maiden, a beautiful elven maiden with hair as dark blue as Midnight. Your eyes are sapphire blue and behold the world with an eager curiosity. Just having experienced your ephanies like any other young adult elves around 120 years, the name you chose is Ruawyn. And yet you're different, as you had it with Lurue, the godess who is also called Yathagera by some elves – winged Queen. Still your community loves and accepts you fully as you are, despite not following one of the Seldarine, but an ally of theirs. Being the eldest of three children and a full member of the community you know what the Me and and Us means. Your life in the Ardeep forest was peaceful, you're well known and well liked because of your kind ways.

One day, a group of other elves comes to your home: Mostly they're Sunelves and call themselves Eldreth Veluutra – Victorious Blade of the People. At first you thought they would be genuine, offering help and protection. But these elves seem very strange to you and all you have known from elves. Soon they turn out to be racistic. They attack humans, even their rangers and they show no mercy. They are nothing but vermin to them and they defile their homeland in their eyes. Removal of them is the goal of this especially fanatic group. Even half-elves are an abomination to them, that mustn't exist. It worries you, still you have half-elven friends in a neighbourhood village nearby. One night you can overhear some of those fanatic elves planning to attack and erase the said village in a private gathering by chance.

You are afraid to lose your friends and you feel it's not right to take the life fo those you hold dear and their families. You talk to your parents about your worries:
"I cannot let that happen. I have to warn them!“

Your mother sees the Eldreth Veluutra leaving.
„Too late, they're on their way already. It's too dangerous.“
But you would not listen. The last thnig you can hear is your father calling:
„Ruawyn, no!“

You take your horse and ride through the Ardeep forest was fast as you can. The closer you get, the louder you can hear them – screams of fear and pain and death. You get off your horse, run trough the bruning house your best friend lives in. She and her human mother are outside, telling you the father is still inside.He's trying to save a younger sister of your friend – still a half-elven child and didn't come out for a long time. No time to lose, you go in through a broken window. The father is wounded, thanks to your healing arts you can heal the wound, which helps him to get out with his daughter.

But what of you? You can't react as fast as timber falls down and blocks your way. You try to push it aside, but it takes you too long. The smoke burns in your lungs, stronger and stronger. You can't breath any longer and the fire burns you painfully. It is excrutiating as you choke and suffer in the flames....

This is how Ruawyn died for the sins of her own people...

...and how you came to be.

Sometimes if a mortal being dies, and gives their life to save others, they may remain in their deity's service as a celestial. This is how sometimes angels are born.
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