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Smell and taste:

The vision would start as what seems to be a young Audrey learning bakery with an older woman. Together they'd prepare a few cakes as they'd use various fruits to make and garnish the cakes each time they'd taste the various elements. Some of them would make the cut others would be moved away as they'd be flagged by the older woman as good for other recipe. Throughout the vision the user will view and expericence various smell and tastes of fruits with a culmination of the smell of the said cakes to be.


The vision would start from the perspective of a fairly young hin of what seems to be five or six years old. From what it seems she would look and feel to be with a parental figure the vision would show young Audrey walking for the first time in a forest. At some point she'd get to be taught how to move around without being noticed during that training she'd lean on a pine, without noticing much at the moment she would quickly notice that her hand would uncomfortably stick because of the tree sap that transferred onto her hands. The memory itself would allow the viewer to feel the annoyance and the sensation of stickiness at the touch of the sap as Audrey tried to clean herself from that sticky substance.


The Visions starts on Sigil on what seems to be a Spelljammer several known figures would be around such as Xujja, Tavia, Sasha Andor. The vision would focus on the sights Audrey experienced when the Spelljammer took flight and sailed through the astral sea. The hin would be looking outside for a long moment from what seems to be a canon port as she would discover the looks of the astral sea for the first time ever.


The vision would focus on what seems to be a wedding ceremony of some hin family there would seem to be around 100 people around where there would be music playing. People would be singing, talking singing all of them enjoying themselves and being happy. Audrey would show the various moments where she was dancing singing and enjoying the full extent of the party.
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