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The noise that has a wakened you, is the squabbling of a pair of Cutters trying to make up their minds on what adventure they plan on having today as they clomp past your door. Chirpers is waking up for the new cycle further sounds confirming it. There is a muffled thump and curse from the next room of some one stumbling out of bed. With a loud sigh you kick the blankets down and off then roll to the edge dropping onto the stool making your own less loud thump as you hop to the floor.

Demons and their blood kin, Devils and theirs, aberrations, Mind Flayers the sky's filed not with birds, but with winged peoples, pixies, elves, more Demons and Devils and some with out wings, even a young dragon taking a shortcut across the city sky. A flash of another memory of your self looking down on Dead Gods rock after you willed yourself above it. Back to Sigil, you duck a green leathery wing as it sweeps toward your face, looking uphill at the roofs and streets of your destination, you can just make out the wide bridge and the hollow where the portal to Earth is located.

There is a faint aroma of air during a lightning storm before the aroma of Sigil is replaced with that of dry clean earth and stale air. You sniff, badger, the flinty smell of an elemental. Your arrival may have been noticed. Later, stagnant water, fungus and mosses are over powering the smell of damp earth. You take a breath, wrinkle your nose and step through the portal, lightning and you first breath of Ooze.

You ache, your axes are heavy, there is a hot spot where a fold of in your glove is rubbing on your palm. Many small cuts and abrasions, aches of forming bruises from blows reduced by armor that is beginning to weigh. The last foe is before you; the sweep of your axe sends a shock up your arm as the the Kuo-toa's spear is parried. Feet dragging through the silt you step forward all your aches, pains, wounds are gathered into a single point in your mind to travel like a ball of fire into your hand as you touch your opponent. The fire is replaced by cool ice that flows back up your arm to your mind and out into your body healing you. You watch energized and tingling as the transferred wounds were to much for the Kuo-toa and it collapses.

Your evening meal self lays arrayed before you. You savor the fresh bread and spicy meat first. Followed by a piece of rich creamy Death cheese, it flavor unlike that of any cow or goat milk cheese. Last there is a glass of wine, the taste tart from the alcohol yet just sweet enough so that none of the strawberry flavor is diminished.
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