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The area around you is dark, not a sight to be seen, there is very little room yet you feel like a giant trapped within a your mothers womb. While you can see nothing, cannot speak, you are warm, safe, loved. Something caresses over your head, yet it feels as though it is through a veil. Yet the caress is loving, gentle and warm. A voice clear and melodic speaks to you.

My precious child, soon you will join your family. What promise do you bring to this world with your being? I can only wonder and wait. Soon my darling child, so soon will you join us. The priest predicts a girl. A true blessing for us and your brothers.

The voice changes in tone, one more soft yet soothing, peaceful, a song carrying though.

My darling angel born under the sun, blessed we are to await your arrival.
The sun shines bright, Corellon does smile, blessing you with love and beauty divine.
Come little one, dance among the stars, shine with the beauty and light from above.
Together forever we will be as one, l love you my child, I will keep you from harm.
Blessed by the Father, blessed by the light, sleep now my love, sleep and be at peace, I will be
here when you wake, and as the night turns to day, I will hold you in my arms.
My darling angel born under the sun...

As the song is sung, the caressing feeling continues to what would be your back, a comforting sensation that brings joy and happiness, you might realize the song is entirely in elven. There is no fear, no pain, no worry, you know it is your mother, that you are safe and protected. You soon begin to drift to sleep and await the day of your arrival.


The sun is bright as you peer over the cliff, the drop into the sea is briefly terrifying yet entirely exhilarating. Your wings spread out behind you as you feel the wind blow through each feather. The smell of the sea rising up as the waves reach up for you, only to fall far short of the goal. Your heart pounds in your breast as you step back, then run and leap off the cliff, beginning the long plummet down

Your breath hitches in your throat as you spread out your wings, sure you had practiced
from a few inches off the ground, but never like this. Soon your ripped back up into the air, wings flapping strongly catching the wind beneath them to push you higher and higher. Twisting around in the air with a squeal of delight. Soaring down to just above the water, you trace your hand along it, spraying water as the fish dart away. Flapping again strongly you make your way to the nearby shore attempting to touch down once more, though while you did so well at flying, gravity and speed is not your friend, slamming into the ground and tumbling several times before coming to a stop and simply laughing. All in all, that flight had gone rather well for the first time!


The smell of baking hits your nose, fresh elven sweetbread, you had been baking with your mother for hours to greet the other High Wizards of Evermeet. Best of all, you get to pre-taste a smaller loaf made just for that purpose. After all, couldn't give the High Wizards a sour or salty elven bread, that would not do. You smile as your mother cuts the small loaf, the smell of fresh bread making your mouth water as she lightly butters the bread, the butter is a rich creamy butter, far more expensive then the normal ones, thus more creamy.

Slowly, delicately you take the first bite, the warm bread like heaven as the light sweetness of the bread hits your tongue, followed by the creamy butter that has only partly melted making it even better. Following the bread you take a light sip of the Evermead, the taste of cherry juice, vanilla beans, and rose petals coming off closer to that of a honeysuckle. The perfect paring for a glorious night. Sure to impress any elf let alone the High Wizards of Evermeet if done right.
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