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You kneel on the cold, ivory floor of Malbolgian court, surrounded by sights, smells and sounds new and unfamiliar to you. New to anyone, really, as a dying cry of the Hag Countess still rattles the air and her corpse is yet to settle into landmarks desired by new ruler of this layer.

But reshaping of the planes that just took the place is not your primary concern right now, for you are tense with anticipation of your own upcoming transformation. It hasn't begun yet, but it will be soon.

You wait, trying to ignore surrounding crowd... Some of them are whispering secrets to each other, plotting someone's downfall no doubt. Some wear expressions of boredom, as they are here only out of necessity to be seen on such courtly occasion... But most is just here for entertainment, for the spectacle that's about to unfold.

And as soon as their chant reaches its zenith you feel first strike of pain. Not a great pain, yet, more of irking, writhing sensation deep inside your body. You can still sustain it for a while longer, take a pride in this small victory of your will over your flesh...

Fragments of conversations are hitting your ears and can't help but smile, grin in full joy as the bets on how long will you sustain this ever growing torture, before your inevitable collapse, are lost by those who underestimated you. Your defiance was worth it just for that... Sordid laugh escapes your throat and then you laugh and laugh at them, at yourself, at the multiverse itself until finally its not just internal pain but also changing, reshaping and breaking of your flesh that causes you to collapse and start screaming.

You fall inward as your fundamental nature is altered, refined and filled you with new power, new amplified desires. Way too much for your previous body to contain...

You rip away your old skin and flesh and emerge into the light in the stream of blood and viscera. Triumphant and confident in your new rank you take look around, taking in a sight of now silent crowd before turning your gaze downward, toward empty shell that used to be your vessel.

It would be shame if it would go to waste. You grab it and pull it into your mouth. You rip and tear it with your hands and teeth and begin to swallow raw muscles and blood...
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