Society Announcement: Chabian Memory Bounty!

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Posted by Weirwood »

Fliers are posted on employment boards and newscallers working in the Marble District. The Society of Sensation is seeking to amass a great collection of all Chabian experiences, to be preserved forever in the hallowed walls of the Sensorium archives.

Natives of the Prime world Chabia and planeswalkers with experience on the world are invited to come to the Sensorium and share memories of the world so that its memory is not lost totally to future generations. Visits to natural wonders and historic sites are most desired by the faction, as are the experience of anyone who lived through significant historical events like coronations, statue funerals or historic battles and victory celebrations.

Did you get to see a famous Chabian bard perform? We would like to preserve that forever. Those secret and secluded places of natural beauty, there is no longer a reason to keep them secret. Please come and record their memories with us.

More common memories of cultural significance are also sought for the Chabian collection. Weddings and holy days, memories of travel to the worlds great cities or up close personal experiences with the worlds arts and crafts. If you spend a day watching a kindly old glassblower at his craft, we want to preserve that memory. Potters masons architects and so on. Even if you were just a lucky fellow who got to view a grand museum, please come to The Society of Sensations Festhall in The Clerks ward and share those memories with us.

Normally donations to the Sensorium are expected to be just that, donations. But for this promotion anyone who can help add to the collection will be offered a bounty of three platinum cogs from the coffers of the Society. If your addition to the collection is of an exceptionally historic event, a faction officer can approve the bounty being doubled to six cogs for the donation.

The Sensorium is just to the right of the entrance of the Festhall, and it will be double staffed for the next few weeks to accommodate any visitors looking to help preserve knowledge of any Chabian cultures and geography.

For any further questions about Chabian Memory Project, please seek out our project manager Factor Ullanshio

Sensates wanting to help visitors make recordings can post their presence in the festhall below.
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Posted by Destinysdesire »

*Cania signs up to take a shift*
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Posted by Emiryn »

Orianna kept herself busy between shifts helping patrons in the library, plumping pillows and refilling the incense burners, scribing replacement copies of worn summery scrolls, as well as assisting several refugees seeking to submit their cultural heritage along with their experiences during and before the 'Darkening.'
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Audrey, as newly appointed factotum would help coordinate the storage of the memories and once in a while she'd help as well into collecting said memories.
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Posted by KSC »

Vari is seen shepherding memory givers in and out of the Festhall, to and from the Marble district. Making sure those paid make it back to the safety of the refugee camp with out their pockets or packages, should they wish to shop on the way back, being lightened.
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Posted by Miyuki »

Being made attentive by Xuuja and Vari, Sileas appeared as well. Given the fact the Bralani doesn't require any sleep, she would even take two night shifts a week voluntary. When nightmares may come to the refugees and the experiences may catch up with them. She sould listen to whatever they wish to talk about and encourage them, that sharing painful memories is relief and liberating. To those who can't sleep she would offer a song of encouragement to make a new start in Sigil and lullabies to their children.

To those willing to have their meories recorded, she would offer support and do it with them. Experience all they have seen with them again. She would bring them comforting food. Not just food from the Faction kitchen or plundering the faction's pantry. I would be homeade food like warm pies with bacon, and cheese or steak ands mushrooms, or sweet pies with chcolate ot honey pies for comfort.

In any case, the bard in her would make sure to use her empathic skills to gather informations for the faction that way, alongside of helping the refugees to let their mental wounds heal. What excatly happend that made them, lose their home? What did the mond flayers do?
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Factor Ulanshio can be soon be seen directing several namers and even a few factotums as stone after stone is carried into the new holding area. A collection, and an incredibly extensive one, fills up the area in a matter of hours as she directs them where to put what stones. At the same time, Ulanshio can be seen moving back and forth between areas of both the Festhall, the Hall of Speakers, the Great Gymnasium, and even the Courthouse.

Eventually, she has a stand put in this new construction as well, and a book is placed with a note on the top, as well as a VERY large stack of papers underneath it:

Within the stones as brought into this area, you will find a complete cultural and geographical catalogue of the refugees as documented in complete, official capacity.

The catalogue has a Certificate of Authenticity on the inner cover as Signed by three separate faction representatives: Kaltia Tsaryov of the Fraternity of Order, Captain Argent Stardust of the Sign of One, and Factor Ulanshio of the Society of Sensation.
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Since their arrival to the city, the refugees have been solicited by the Sensates to provide for them experiences of their world via sensory stones, probably due to the Clueless horde being novel. These cycles, not so much, and beyond the Planewalkers who have taken a particular interest in the situation, the majority of the Faction seem to have lost it. The stones acquired thus far, serving as a reminder of what once was, and perhaps enlightening newer members to the Primes plethora of sensations.

Digging through the current collection would almost certainly yield some interesting insights...

But there was a lot to go through. That was for certain.

The question remained, what were the Sensates looking for exactly?

Exceptional events? Perhaps there were some among them.

Triumph. A great citadel burned to the ground, when some adventurers destroyed some dark orb at its center. Foreboding. as the ruins continued to be inhabited by dark creatures.

Wonder. A blade of a lost Power found once again. Abandonment. The temple when found is a grim and silent reminder of their spent power.

Terror. A Nightwalker from Shadow plagues the locals. Loss. Unable to muster enough power to defeat it, the locals flee to other lands.

Defiance. A Kingdom moves to oust an evil church from its lands. Calamity. The destruction of it only brings further ruin.

Faith. Great walls of belief shield the people from scourges within the mountains. Panic. The mountains erupt and spew forth devastation.

What did these sensations say to the senses? What meaning could be derived from this? Did the Society find what they were looking for?

Further information could probably be gathered, if one could find the original person to have experienced these events. Thankfully, they've all been moved into the Marble District, so at least they were all in one place. Now one would just have to find the individual in question, among almost twenty thousand.
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Dathi wrote: Tue Apr 05, 2022 11:03 pm The question remained, what were the Sensates looking for exactly?
Xujja spent his shifts in the Sensorium helping any refugees who thought their donations might hold cultural relevance. Mostly things of value but not all to outstanding. He always viewed their donations himself before paying them and tried to get any context he could from the vision to add to the scroll inside each Sensory Stones box.

When something really strange our outstanding came into the collection, he would always keep the person on site with promise of more money if they gave their time to wait for more Sensates to make sense of it and to give us as much explanation of the event as they could manage. ((I will claim a few of the outstanding ones for myself and assume the others happened on other peoples shifts?))

Dathi wrote: Tue Apr 05, 2022 11:03 pm Wonder. A blade of a lost Power found once again.
He keeps the rugged old adventurer who remembers seeing this truely powerful blade in the festhall for a while. Since this ancient sword no doubt influences the history of several nations, he offers the warrior free drinks and asks him to share more while they wait on his double pay out to be approved.

Not only does the man get his double bounty paid in full, but Xujja digs around in conversation for any other memories he might have of worthwhile events and encourages him to make a few more. Since he is here and the donations are pretty painless, he should consider giving us a few more

Dathi wrote: Tue Apr 05, 2022 11:03 pm Panic. The mountains erupt and spew forth devastation.

This person has been a refugee twice, Xujja makes small talk enough to keep them around too. He views their memory a few times over to make sure he has aborbed the details while they enjoy a meal on him, before they get double the bounty promised.

In both cases he alerts any other nearby officers of the faction so they can look and add any insights before cataloguing and storing the stone
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Cania is seen speaking with those that come, and helping tend the young children some might have brought along as they had no one to mind them, often volunteering to mind them while they speak with the other Sensates. She plays games with the little ones seeming to enjoy the effort, giving them little treats here and there.

The elderly she takes time to speak to and humor listening to their stories as they wait for their families, easily striking up simple conversations, often about Evermeet and her experience in donating memories. Help them relax a bit more for the process or what their family members will being going through and reassuring them it is a completely painless process.

She also keeps watch for any trouble makers, ready to step in and usher them away from the others, speaking softly and gently in a more diplomatic tone and encouraging them to move along.

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