Open letter at the Fest hall

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Sileas leaves a letter at the Fest hall to Ulanshio and for others to see.

Greetings Factor Ulanshio,

sadly i didn't and will probably not get to speak to you in person. But i wish to give my congratulations to your own event department.

I always wished to hold events as well and already did. You even attended one of them and seemed delighted. Alltough i seem to be one of the few who didn't get a promotion despite their work, i will keep up mine. Because i simply love granting others experieneces too much to not do anything, i will happily support you and your department. I hope you agree that i will mention you if i have the chance.

I already sought contact to the Ring Givers and met with Isk to propose my ideas and waht i can do to help. Now i'm waiting for the results of their faction meeting for further plans. Their way of wanting to hold events suit me, my way of being a sensate and my abilities perfectly after a long time of having to work alone, to do anything for my faction. Given i'm still sitting on my rank as a Factotum, i'm free to work independently as i'm able to. I hope you support me, even if other lower ranking Sensates were telling me who to go about things. Still i we both get something out of it, as it is also advertosing for you and i hope, my work will be seen as well.

Kind regards,
Factotum Sileas Snowsong

((OOC: I'm a EU player with strictly limited playtimes and meetings always happens at times i can't make. My time problem is purely ooc. I can't play when it's night in EU or on Saturday nights EU time.
Sadly i saw a sensate player dragging it into RP, interfering in my character's business. So i feel i have to make this open post, letting everyone know: I have the Ok from DM Dathi to do events and work with the Ring Givers indipendently from the Factors.

That is why, i have to ask everyone kindly to please refrain from telling me or my character ICly nor OOCly what to do and who to talk to. No matter what your factions and rank is. Thanks for thr unerstanding. :) ))
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