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Koga had only been in Sigil a few weeks. He made a point of spending every spare moment he could get training in the Arena and perfecting his skills. Originally he hails from a small ninja village in the land of Kozakura, on the prime Abir-Toril. The cultural climate he grew up in was very similar to that of Transcendent Order, though perhaps with some nuanced differences.

One cycle, after an adventuring partner had ditched him during a training session to go on a date he ran into Yogi. She had noticed him toiling endlessly to improve his skills day after day. She joined him for a few rounds and offered a few tips. After dancing for two or so hours in the arena, she plainly stated that if he intended to continue training his mind and body so rigorously he should join their faction. He entered his name on the roster of applicants the next morning.

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