Written Report To The Factol Rhys.

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The Cipher was not afraid of demons and devils, more than ready to slash one at first chance in the Abyss or Baator. Nor was she easily intimidated by magic horrors and mutants of Undersigil. But what summoned the greatest panic of all was the content of this box, now open for eyes of all trading berks.

With haste, six fingers tapped at the surface of box, attempting to close it as fast as possible. On success, the gaunt merc ran away to the Gymnasium with horror of one who saw Lady herself.

Without answering inquiries of concern, blond Hiver tackled her way through the halls, finding the empty room in meditation quarters and closing door. Breathless, she moved her violet eyes to the box she hugged in bewilderment. Swallowing hard lump, warrior opened it again, in privacy.

The diminutive self was so lifelike it sent goosebumps all over the body. But the eyes were fixed on the figurine's motions, the actions seemingly so routine opening new discoveries from unexpected perspective.

And the second gift could be even more valuable than the first. A key to Mechanus! Something one would want just to feel the order and harmony of absolute kind. Not something that would be too thrilling for not so law-abiding cutter like her. Just remembering that Harmonium officers were stationed there already took away the last vestiges of wish to visit place.

Still, the generosity of gift could be felt. It pierced her insides, crushed her brain-box and rattled her bones.

All of this for one small lump of metal?

How in Maze is that bleeding possible?!
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A few days later Raila finds a small box and a short note among her belongings.

wrote: I got the feeling you need a new badge,

Master of the Heart.

Inside the box is a faction badge showing her name and new rank.
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Looking inside her belongings, eager to start making new ammunition, tiefling squinted her eyes when she found something that was not hers. It was the first time she had something planted in her bag. Carefully, her fingers moved to open the lid, finding note and a badge. It had an insignia of Transcendent order on it. Opening the envelope, the fighter started to dig in her bag, looking for her old badge.


And she did not even notice the switching...

Grudging respect for her peers brought a rare smile to tight lips.

They were good.
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