Ring Givers! You should post the ideas you were previously discussing on discord

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. . . right here. In this thread.
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* crack his lizard fingers *


I'll just put all the previous suggestion I put on the discord, at least we have them all in one place =)
Some might be a bit outdated, but I guess we can salvage something!


Charity Box/Flea Market

Inside our faction HQ there's this NPC/chest. We are supposed to leave items for players to get, either for free or at a very, very discounted price (max 3 gold?).
Would be amazing if there's a way to save up everything that was put inside and not be lost on server restart (no idea how hard it is)

This thing could be very well expanded upon with more mechanics around it: like we, from factioneer onwards, can't sell to the peddler and must sell to this flea market for a 1/4 of what we'd get at the peddler, getting at maximum 1 Gold for each item sold.
Or a sort of "karma" system, much like the magic electrifier, for every thing we give, we get "points/tickets" that prove that we did our duty as Ring Givers. With that points/charges/tickets we can obtain something like temporary bonus to saves or other small bonus to represent that "all the karma we gave, it's coming back". But of course this shouldn't put the Ring Givers above other factions, so if the other factions doesn't have something that gives them bonuses if they "behave like they should", we can avoid getting bonuses. (maybe just keep the charges/point thing and at the end of the month we get a prize?)

This is supposed to be a "zero maintenance" feature once introduced, something anyone can do even if they don't participate in events or play hard on the Ring Givers part when they are with other people.

Starter Bags

Something like the Charity box, but more like present boxes. In our HQ there should be an NPC that sells those: They look like bags but are magical items with 1 charge, game mechanic wise. They cost quite a bit for us for what they give (5 cog?) and only those who are not in faction can use them.

When used, you get some random loot good for a character at level 8 or so: potions, healing kits, boots, hat, torches and various stuff, but no armour or weapons. They are bags we buy and give to new players when they begin.

Personalized Gifts

This is something that come up today. It is something we can do ourselves without GM to add anything in. We should get other people some personalized gift for their characters. I don't mean strong items, I mean crafting an item with ZERO (ideally) magical features, just a description. This could help GREATLY to improve our standing with other factions, so it's best to start with high ranking officials of other factions, but we can do with almost anyone, given we have at least ONE of us that can craft. I mean if we discover that Argent loves Rubies, we make him a ring with a big ruby on it, and write a fancy description with something that matters to him do the rest.

Very easy thing to do, but high RP value. We should strive to give at least one of these gifts to any high ranking factioneers to establish diplomatic relations!

Charity Fundraising Dinner

Title says it all, we might need 0 support from the GM and do it all ourselves, or maybe just something to let the event rolling. The idea is to invite important figures of Sigil to this Dinner and we can organize it by ourselves or alongside with other factions. Depending on which faction is there to help, the event can have a different taste. Like if we organize stuff with the Sensates, it is all going to be on lavish descriptions of food or nice performances. If we organize the same thing with the Chirpers, we.. uh... have some Yoga all together after? Dunno, but I think we can find something to make them more unique.

We could very well just RP the actual dinner and all the people talking there. We could RP us trying to cook some stuff (or maybe I'm the only person finding it funny us trying to follow the recipe and see what comes out after some botched rolls on craft: Alchemy. It can be a very deep event, with lots of things to do, or just a "different evening at the cup", with more people and most importantly a good occasion for people that don't meet so often to finally meet and "discuss business"

Extra: we could just ask anyone to bring something (we are the ring givers afterall!) and so everyone will have a lil chance to RP what they have: Like what could a Harmonium bring? An Apple Pie? Who knows! Players can go crazy.

Obviously this is still a fundraising, so people has to make donations either at the event (to show off how filthy rich they are) or when they reserve a table. Those money... we could just destroy them/give to the GM and tell them what we do with those (like giving it to the poor of the Hive and stuff like that), or put in our coffers and use them for something specific

Charity Raffle/Bingo

Another RP event, even with less GM involvement. We either collect rare loot, accept donations and stuff. Then we sell lottery tickets (or bingo cards if we wanna get crazy and do some quick work on photoshop). The money made with the tickets/cards goes into charity (similar to the Dinner above). It could be something we do every now and then, maybe around holidays (either real life or in game)

Charity School

Someone proposed schools. I don't know if they meant teaching to npc and characters or just characters. I think we should find a nice subject, maybe complex and log like history of Sigil and stuff. It could be a good idea even to pay some teacher to do it: either an NPC (and that means a big GM involvement, but a good time for some infodump) or another character from a faction who loves to talk (Argent? Argent.)

Really anything charity related RP

These are just examples that came up or looked cool in my head, but we could really do whatever we like with very minimal GM involvement (which is good, we can't pretend to have them all the time).

The only thing we need to decide is how to deal with the money we made: we create a treasury? We do everything for free and we auto tax us? Or we give a GM the cogs we made and we deal with them OOC? Have no idea if something can get coded to represent this, will leave this option to the GM if they feel like it

"Helpful" notary work

It might be stupid, but I just came up with this: we must become an important part of the politics and dealings done in Sigil. We are all about giving so that in the end we could all receive something. What if we are the ones people go to sign deals and in signing deals we ensure all the parts receive equal "gifts", so the contracts are balanced. This may take some works from the Governors and have no idea if it can actually pass as something worthwhile, but if we become the one to call to ensure contracts/deals are fair... it could be huge!

Humanitarian Aid

This is just an idea for some actually "heavy" GM event. We find a prime or a situation that needs resources and in general, help, and we go there to do that. The event could be really circumscribed to just "go there, give stuff, leave" sort of thing, death strandingy, or could be something more sprawling: Navigate to a place, understand how we can help, find the resources and then start delivering them. But I like this idea we are some sort of NGO that goes somewhere and start helping people at random.

It's cool if it's outside Sigil, but I don't know if the refugee stuff is still felt heavily.

Forever allies/Boggan flaw

We must help everyone if they ask, always. It's something like the flaw of the Boggans from Changeling the Dreaming: if someone ask for their help, they need to spend willpower. While it could be fun to implement something like this, we should wait for the actual faction skills to be implemented first. But I think that we should let the faction knows they can always ask for help to us and we'll always send someone. In other words: when other factions has their events but they are too few, we are sort of "free mercenaries" they can hire. We should do this totally free because "we are helping" but we could also try to convince them to help someone in turn.

Help the City

In our faction HQ, members only room, there's an NPC. This NPC let us "buy" stuff, much like the tattoo shop or the spellcaster in the bazaar: so it's not a shop window, but just a dialogue. What can we buy there? We buy stuff for the city as a whole, for NPCs you might say, not for players. What are those? They are widespread activities like "Give everyone in the Hive a hot meal this cycle" or "clean up a street in the lower wards" or "provide healing tools for the doctors in the city": anything but "give powerful planeswalker some stuff". And then what? Buying that stuff makes different NPC to spawn around town, much like the "clueless berks". They have different dialogue options and skill check that reflect what has just happened around town (we obviously can help with giving flavour text). And much like the clueless berks, they can give XP and some stuff... only a lil bit better! (nothing gamebeaking of course), they last all cycle but disappear at server restart. Oh and the overall cost of this thing should be MASSIVE so that we really have to collect cogs with our charity fundraising or pitch in or have a wealthy patron.

I really hope this isn't too much code and it's possible to do (maybe the NPC spawn only once if the spawn table of the random is hard to change during server up time?), cause it could very well give us a very flavourful way to make the city alive and our faction actually doing something, not only for the powerful planeswalkers, but also for the common sigillian!

Faction banker

Dunno if it's feasable, but we were talking and thinking we could have a faction bank to collect our donations that require to be used in the future. We could have a player do it (but then it's gonna be hard to have them around 24/7 or any time we need) or an NPC in our faction HQ. Dunno if it's gonna strain too much the server to have him do not reset with server restart. Maybe there's a script that can collect everything and then give it to a fixed character (a high ranking one, sort of the co-banker) so they can put the items/money back when they log in? Could be something we do even with the charity box if that's a similar problem


Some had the idea we could be the "Bankers of Sigil". It is somewhat a variation on the "notary work" I mentioned before, it has a similar vibe to it. Since the Takers are the tax collectors for the city, we should have an "opposite" function: they take the money from people, we help them hide money. This is also a good idea to let people think of us as trustworthy (it's a think I'd like to work on, IC of course). Also, if we are given all the money and should function like a real bank: we could very well invest the money somewhere and, why not, gaining some more thanks to the interest.

What I think we should be more mindful is: do we want to offer loans or not? What if people don't pay? I mean, it could be something that interest evil characters, so it could even be very cool. Let's talk about it!
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