Does Half-outsider or Shadow Hand line of feats give sneak dice?

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Runa Dacino
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I am playing a bard/Swash/HalfOutsider/Shadowdancer character.

I noticed that when I got Shadow Hand 2 on SD1, I got a 1d6 sneak die. As I progressed in HalfOutsider (CG Celestial, path of guile), this went to 2d6. Then I got Shadow Hand 1, and it went to 3d6 where it stayed for a while.

After finishing HalfOutsider 6, I went for SD2 and it increased to 4D6, where it stayed for SD3 and SD4.

Which... seems contradictory to what I know of feat and wiki descriptions. Theoretically I should only have 1d6 sneak attack as Shadow Dancer 3.

What gives?

Also, acquiring the Guild Thief SA die I from SD3 did not increase my sheet dice.

Current build has Iron Heart I-III, Shadow Hand I (taken), Shadow hand II (from SD1). Split is Bard 1/Shadowdancer 4/Swashbuckler 10 (Watchful Charge)/Half Outsider 6 (Path of Guile, celestial)
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