A tale of two halflings in the Sensorium

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A pale, tired, very pregnant and noticeably ill Vari drags her self into the Sensorium and speaks with the Sensate clerk at the desk and arranges empty stones to be delivered to her at one of the low tables. She sits in the pillows that proceed to stack and settle around her. She reaches for the first stone.

You are pulled into the stone:

You reach out into the world around you with your thoughts and pull threads of energy turning them into a net of sorts that surrounds you then with another nudge of power in just 'this way' the space between the threads of the net fill with repulsive energy and a shield surrounds you. Next you form a second identical net only this time it falls around another person encircling them with protection as well. - The lesson and memory end.

Hands shaking she places the stone onto the box and reaches for another.

You reach out feeling how the smallest parts of the target move and bump about. Energy you have gathered pours into your target pushing at these parts speeding them up generating heat. You move on to other actions knowing that for several more seconds that energy will continue to pour into your target heating it from the inside out. The lesson continues, how living things can be set on fire, or small bits of metal needing to be tempered, annealed or welded. At the end of the lesson there is a demonstration of the reverse as how to chill a cup of tepid water is shown.

Time is taken for her to nap then more lessons for a growing Psion are imprinted on stones. She takes time to eat and drink and a longer nap before she has more boxes of stones brought to her table.

Across the room a grey hooded halfling sized figure scans through a number of viewing stones making notes in a book between stones. She keeps a subtle but watchful eye on the failing Wispling across the room. When Vari files her stones and leaves the Sensorium this figure approaches the desk returning the stones she had been viewing and asks for these new ones.

Day after day this figure spends time in the Sensorium viewing the stones Vari managed that day before her failing health drove her out to rest.
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