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Posted by edmaster44 »

Post your bugs here, while we look into a ticket replacement system for bugs!
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Posted by SchwhatNow »

Yuan-Ti Halfblood don't get Creature Weapon Proficiency upon character creation and thus can't equip Fangs like they are supposed to be able to.

I noticed this upon the creation of my character and if they could get that feat in the meantime that would be appreciated.

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Posted by Tassadarh »

1. Scaled Hunter bonus AC

It's stated in game (not looking at the wiki, seems to be outdated) that you get +1 extra AC ON TOP of your racial AC.

Yet I am quite sure it doesn't work:

When naked and with no buffs I have 13 AC = +2 from DEX and the +1 AC racial.

I suppose it should "upgrade" whatever racial AC you have, but it's not working like that: it says on the feat list I have "hagspawn bonus AC +1" (which is the feat that NWN2 gives to the lizardfolk for some bonus AC).

My suggestion for a quick fix is to make this feature like the bonus to the stats given by this racial PrC: use epic level feats to give the +1 AC one.
I already got epic strength and epic constitution, given by the class, I guess getting the AC one should work without a problem

2. Missing model for the Valkyrie Lance

It's like invisible and can't change the model at the mirror.
Tried on multiple characters just to be sure if it was a "monster race" bug...

Which leads to....

3. Missing Armor parts mirror customization for non standard humanoid races

That's a mouthful, it's definitively something I'm not expecting a fix like the ones above, but it would be nice
Long story short:

I'm a Lizardfolk, when I'm at the mirror changing my clothing I know I have limited choices, and I'm ok with it.
More importantly: I can't put pauldrons, bracers or anything like that using the mirror, but sometimes some armours I find do have them: i can change their colours, but can't change the models.

I think it can be fixed, well the models are there and they appear on the characters if the armour has the "data" (I can give the armour to a humanoid character, edit it, and then pass it to my lizardfolk: the extra bits appears.

One last thing, not a bug per se, but I think highly tangential when fixing this: the vanilla armours for the lizardfolk weren't bad, the turtle pauldrons with some leather bracers and straps were cool
https://www.flickr.com/photos/fantasy-a ... 6122793785

Dunno if it can be salvaged somewhere in the original code and put as a "lizard folk version" of some armour skins
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Posted by Noromical »

Dragon - Missing Scale AC
As a Max-Size dragon with 15 DEX, my AC is only reading 12, when checking with another player, their dragon PC is also missing their scale AC.
Of note, there is no additional equipment on my character in any slot whatsoever. I have attempted relogs, rests, and transitions, to no avail. The feat for the scale AC is listed on my sheet, however, there does not seem to be any AC at all from it.

Also of note, the DR 5/+1 of the Dragon PRC does not seem to be applying properly either
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