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This forum represent casual roleplay within the Sigil streets, its bars, and other "walk-in" roleplay avenues.
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A dead booking within the Cage, nothing out of the Ordinary for your average blood in the Cage, but this one seemed...Different, Shattered Window panes and glass surrounded the scene of the Dead booking in the Hive Ward, at most it produced a few grunts and annoyances among some of the populance. "Rust, These Windows were expensive!"

The Dark? Well ...there was a very strong Psionic Presence that was felt..., It was strong and then fleeting, even on the beheaded corpse's head. Cutter still had his Fancy Chiv on him. ..that was now in the hands of some Rustin' Hivers, "Might be worth a few coppers...., gotta eat you know"..
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