Death Threats, Verbal assault and Harassment

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Location: The Metal Cup
Date: 8-18
Those Involved: Yvonne, Factor Reina of the Harmonium, Ozgur.

On this eve, I visited the Metal Cup to see planewalkers and greeted those present then immediately was met with insults from Factor Reina in particular to pull my head out of my ass. Verbiage continued and then was joined by Yvonne, claimed Ysguardian and Ozgur, fiendling often in the company of Reina or Yvonne.

Disrespect was levied my way as referring to my rank and title as nothing more the a namer or inferences I was a baby, knowing I soon have another blessed to the family.
Insults then degraded to promised death threats by both Yvonne and Ozgur should I be found outside a portal, my body be found as a corpse.

When I brought up the law and the legal system I have rights as a Factor to not have death threats put my way, Factor Reina proclaimed it was not against the law and she do nothing about it. Should I manage to prove her otherwise, she offered to serve the summons and punishment, but then denied again there was no law. She continued to encourage discord and telling Skitter it was okay to harass a Factor because he deserved it.

They then mocked the Law that they should be reported for a killing spree before referring to me as a Namer again.

Seeking to speak to a ranking officer in the Barracks and legal council for harassments, verbal assault, death threats and distress
from Yvonne and Ozgur.

I swear by this statement to the fullest truth.

Factor Argent Stardust, Sign of One.
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