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"This was no simple city. I thought I had seen 'em all. The mercykiller guy on my right grunted like a prancing bull, ready to charge, whilst his harmonium partner in a dark suit was longing to jump with a greataxe on someone's legs. Aside from that, everything was hunky-dory."

Harmonium: <<Pretending to be an outsider, huh? It looks like these...newcomers are a little more creative than the residents.>>

<<I'm a planeswalker, from Arborea. If you don't trust me, verify it with magic, I'm sure there are arcanists and priests all over the place here>>

Harmonium: <<There are no arcanists 'n priests here!>>

<<Unless we're in dreamland, there are...>>

Harmonium: <<This always gets on my nerves... the fact that these newcomers are always trying to disguise as someone else.

Mercykiller: <<Pack it in>>

<<Oh come on, do this verification...>> *gets slammed with a club on the chest by the mercykiller* <<Fuck!>>

Harmonium: <<You're just a shitty doppelganger impersonating the poor sod you killed, do you understand that or not?>>

<<This is impossible!>>

Harmonium: <<Pfff... the bastard's not creative anymore>>

<<Do you want to scry on my mind? get on with it then!>>

Harmonium: <<Hahaha, very nice... very "convincing". Where were you hidden? Chirper's? Were you taken there by a prod? Who are your friends on the other side? Tell me. Who?>>

<<I don't know what you're talking about...>> *another slam of the club, but in the face this time*

Mercykiller: <<And what about all the stuff your bastard friends told in the Hive?>>

Harmonium: <<Hey. Shut your mouth. I'll tell you something, mister Simxerat, I don't care how you'll die, you 'gangers don't even deserve a grave, but I know you can feel pain, so you would do better to not play with me. You tell me about what you saw in the Hive, I guarantee you you'll be fine>>

<<You're an ugly fucker, I'm sure of that>>

Harmonium: <<You'll beg me 'cause I'll keep being ugly and ALIVE, when I'll be done with you. Suit yourself, Red Death>>

Basic Information Name: Vealo-Simxerat Aliases: None Gender: Male Race: Bralani Eladrin Age: Young Profession: E.K.LE. = Enters dungeon, Kills monsters, Loots treasure, Exits Languages: he knows Accent: Maybe, but you could not tell!

Physical Information Height: an average bralani Weight: muscles weigh but not that much Body build: If he was a rat he would be mousecular Skin type: bronze-tan, smooth and can't be bleached Hair style: Medium standard Scars: if he's got some, they're all hidden Tattoos: Absolutely not Colouring:
  • Hair: white
  • Eyes: crimson light
  • Skin: it's been done
Mental Information Alignment: Chaotic Goose Philosophy: If you offer me a muffin I'll offer you a muffin in return Deity/Beliefs: Believes in deity but also believes the actual powers aren't that Personality: Hedgehog

Additional Information Gear: Significant for him Jewelry: don't need jewels Habits/hobbies: Washes his teeth after every meal General Health: last he checked it was all ok Favorite Drink: Yes thanks Weaknesses: Doesn't like society
I know what you're saying! "Where can I get these fine new items?" Well, that's the gag: chances are, you bought 'em already! So remember! Put on a happy face!

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