Detainment Report; 4th Void, Regula, 139Ha; Custodian approximal

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Reporting Official: Executioner Custodian approximal, badge no. 47704406
Operational Capacity: Volunteer cooperation in joint Harmonium operation; deputized for operation
Incident Date: 4th Void, Regula, 139Ha
Incident Location: Hive Ward, City of Sigil
Incident Type: Missing persons; Harmonium operation
Incident Summary: Notary Ferin (A1) reported missing by Harmonium operatives. Voluntary planewalker aid enlisted by reporting Measure (incl. reporting official). Whereabouts of missing person triangulated, found deceased with suspected kidnappers S. Berks (B1-5), also deceased. Summoning circle found at scene of crime. Suspect B1 interviewed, indicated suspects B1-5 acting under orders of suspect King Hashguran (C1). Subject A1 detained for transfer to Harmonium, subjects B1-5 detained for punishment and interrogation.

Subject(s) A1: Notary Ferin
Sort: Victim; evidence; deceased; Triad asset, Harmonium
Crimes: None known
Status: In transfer to Harmonium
Recommendation: Further action not necessary

Subject(s) B1, B2, B3, B4, B5: S. Berk
Sort: Suspect; evidence; deceased; non-citizen
Crimes: Kidnapping; Crime Spree; Crimes against the Lady, Summoning of Banned Entities (attempted)
Status: Detained
Recommendation: Post-mortem community service

Subject(s) C1: King Hashguran
Sort: Suspect; fugitive
Crimes: Kidnapping; Murder (multiple); Crime Spree; Crimes against the Lady, Summoning of Banned Entities (attempted)
Status: Fleeing Justice
Recommendation: Cooperate with Harmonium to bring to Justice

Post-mortem testimony of subject B1, audio log excerpt:
...K-K-Kiiing! Bl-blood for... Kiing. [...] ...H-H-Hashg- Hashgguuuraaan!
Notes: Testimony incriminates subject C1.
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