Kalee Brina

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Basic Information
Name: Kalee Brina
Aliases: Kay the Bard, Kay, The Lady in Purple
Gender: Female
Race: Human Vampire
Age: 30 (appears to be in her 20s)
Profession: Bard, entertainer, bodyguard, occasional thief
Languages: Common and gutter talk
Accent: Constantly changing with the situation, often sweet with a tendency to roll her Rs

Physical Information
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 170
Body build: Seems slim, but muscular arms
Skin type: Smooth pale skin, grey in some light
Hair style: Back length hair, often free and flowing
Scars: Hands seem a bit more rugged than most
Tattoos: None
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Pink to red
  • Skin: Pale Caucasian to grey

Mental Information
Alignment: Chaotic Evil, but adheres to the law when it might interrupt her fun
  • Anything fun can often be bought with enough cash, including any cover-ups.
  • Work as little as possible to get the most cash you can
  • Live long enough to spend what you earn.
  • Never give out your name without knowing if someone is looking for you.
Deity/Beliefs: She prays to gods but doesn't care who might hear as long as they help
  • CautiousOften won't give her name out to people he just met.
  • FlirtatiousOften talks in innuendos with other women
  • Sadistictakes enjoyment watching others squirm
  • SnarkyOften complains with humor and jeers
  • Two-facesPersonality changes to suit the situation for the best profit, from an attention-seeking diva to meek and shy.

Additional Information
Gear: chain mail covered in cloth and leather apparel. Typically has two katanas at her side and a mandolin on her back.
Jewelry: standard protective jewelry, but no mementos
Habits/hobbies: writing music, collecting rare katanas, Eastern lore items, enchanted musical instruments, and sheet music
General Health: in perfect health
Favorite Drink:water and wine
Weaknesses: Often chases around rich women, teasing innocent-type women. Also has an outspoken dislike for rowdy men who drink too much. Can be a bit of an overspender when she drinks too much Wine.

Descriptive Appearance
Kalee has become a vision of beauty in many of the rough bars she entertains in. Her grey almond eyes often gave curious glances to those around, sometimes with a hint of mischief. Long silky dark brown hair frames her face, and curls twist about slightly wild. Her skin is pale, almost greyish, but is unblemished with almost a glow in the right light. She often gives a smile, hiding a much darker nature.

At 5'8" Kalee felt average until she saw some of the taller dezeins of Sigil. Her chest is ample, often causing her hassles with suitors and leachers. Strong, well-toned arms and legs show off hours of manual labor.

Her hands are the tools of her trade, the fingertips are calloused from days of lute playing and battle-worn palms from wielding a weapon

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Posted by juubo »

Why 2 Katanas?
In one word: Greed.

Sometimes merchants and nobles wouldn't have the gold to pay her and she developed a habit of taking weapons as payment. The exotic and sometimes ornamental nature of some Katanas led to her habit of collecting them. Their size meant they often have to be at her side or back, instead of a bag. In a fight, Kalee could always handle two weapons as easily as one, a talent from her ambidextrous music playing, and it felt reassuring to have some of your more valuable items in your hands.

Just because she used two doesn't mean she was always skilled with them. Given Kalee's brash fighting style, she often used them like short swords in an ugly but practical style. It wasn't till some years after she started her collection that she got some training; when a coin baron was so put off by how rough she treated the blades he insisted she train with some of their guards.
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