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Ferix Report
Initial investigation 1-11
Delivered to desk of two Factors in the Mercykillers.

Alba Thrace -Ortho sympathizer -contract to find Marcellus at the Fat Candle.
Planewalkers involved - Senbou, Luth, Vralexdra, Ash, Ferix, Thonk, Little Tooth, Unknown woman-Jizelle

The Search for Marcellus Valen
Undersigil was with fungal growth with spirit energy. - Deeper investigation, its coalescence of all minds its absorbed.
Marcellus was absorbed by the fungal growth organism . An animated body was used to speak with us.
According to the fungus, Marcellus willingly joined to no longer be double agent of the Ortho Harmoniom.

Marcellus had been gathering information by watching and listening then reporting to Alba.
The fungus referred to Ortho as the Scourge that stole Ortho from them. By is claim, Marcellus brought the fungus to Sigil
to survive. The fungus said it was not our enemy and we would speak again in future. We left it alone.

Maps was uncovered - Ladys Ward, Faction headquarters, defenses -Scouted out by Marcellus.
The maps was recovered by the Harmoniom namer and taken back.

After, the planewalkers was deputized for arresting Alba and taken in. Contact with sentient fungus has not been made again.

Awaiting further advisement.

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