The Journal of Rodrick Sessarn, Apsiring Explorer

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Basic Information
Name: Rodrick Sessarn
Aliases: Rod to his friends
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: Around 19
Profession: Previously research assistant to mages, now an explorer
Languages: Common, Abyssal, Elven, Draconic
Accent: Not that he is aware of

Physical Information
Height: 5'11
Weight: 175 lbs
Body build: Average
Skin type: Smooth
Hair style: Long, well kept, with a beard
Scars: No Scars
Tattoos: No Tattoos
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Green
  • Skin: tanned white

Mental Information
Alignment: LN, leaning towards good
Philosophy: There is always something new to learn
Deity/Beliefs: Rodrick understands there are gods, but isnt sure about them.
Personality: Highly excitable and friendly generally speaking.

Additional Information
Gear: He always keeps a journal with him, full of notes
Jewelry: None
Habbits/hobbies: Rodrick loves reading
General Health: Well enough
Favorite Drink: Rodrick doesnt drink
Weaknesses: Nothing special outside of death

Rodrick is not entirely sure how he arrived at where he is. Nor is he sure why he can suddenly wield magics, or heal people, or why there is a dog that follows him talking into his mind. All he recalls is taking a nap against a rock while out hunting for some wormwood for one of the scholars of the tower, and then he woke up elsewhere. He does however believe that where he has ended up is a much better place then slaving away as a research assistant to those boring scholars in The Great Tower of Ages. They never treated him well. It was always "Fetch the Mandrake Rodtick!" and such. Yes, the scholars frequently mispoke the poor lads name.

Now he has an actual exciting opportunity ahead of him. He thinks. Assuming he survives the process.
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Entry 1: The Dog

I have no idea how I actually got to...wherever this is. Or why there is a dog, wait no its a wolf but it looks like a dog to me. It says its a wolf, named Myrna no less! How is the dog wolf talking to me?! I can hear it, in my head. This is very bizarre, but I was at least taught at the Academy to always question, research, and seek answers.

Its best to keep a journal then, in my opinion, of my experiences and thoughts of...whatever this place is. One person on the street called me a berk, whatever that means. Slang, I imagine.

If the scholars of the Tower could see me now! I like so many others was mocked and treated poorly just because I had no magical power. Life in the city of Athil wasn't bad, sure, and I had a decent job thanks to my natural intellect. But being what amounts of an assistant to the famed scholar mages of the Tower was not what I had in mind for my life.

Perhaps things will be different here. I heard some locals call this place Sigil... and now the dog is reading my writing. Yes I can see you Myrna. Yes I know you are a wolf. NO I don't know where you came from anymore then I know how I got here! Wait you want me to FEED YOU?! I...have no money! I spent it on this armor! Great now I have to figure this out. Lets go Myrna and find us both something to eat...and maybe find out more of this strange place. This is exciting!
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Entry 2: I can do what?!

So apparently I can wield some form of magic now. Even summoning these strange ghostly totemtic entities and can use them to strike enemies down. Myrna claims this has to do with my connection to her, but that seems strange. The city so far seems very...drab? I was able to find a nice spot under a bridge to sleep. Thank god the academy taught all of us assistants how to camp out, even if I was never particularly good at it. I can manage a basic camp site but that is it. Thankfully Myrna keeps watch over me. She apparently has no need to sleep, which I find incredibly odd.

This entire situation is odd.

I have also managed in the past few days to earn a few coins, which the locals call jink. More slang I suppose. There is a sewer system where all manner of bat and rat and goblin seem to lurk and they are a handy source of coin, especially when people topside pay for the things I can find down there. I am sure my explorations will eventually take me further into the city.

For now I intend to do a few more odd jobs I have been asked to do to earn some coin, and practice these strange new abilities on the vermin in the sewers.

And feed Myrna. She has expensive tastes!
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Entry 3: Damp Dwellings

So the Undersigil is quite damp. I have made myself a little nest down here, away from the city proper. There are some others I have seen down here doing the same, but in my case I got permission from the nice lady who accepts all the bodies I find down here, giving me "jink" (the slang for coin) in exchange. She doesn't seem to really care about her basement, and while I have to deal with occasional brain rat incursions with Myrna's help, the cost of free cannot be beaten!

I have started to also learn more from Myrna. She has apparently started to remember, for lack of a better word. Apparently, she is a spirit guide, and is bonded to me to guide me on the path of the shaman. When I pointed out that I had heard the term shaman before back home, and that based on what I knew I was certainly no shaman (I had always heard they were mystics and soothsayers and the like) Myrna simply stated that I was in fact wielding the power of the shaman. I have no way to disprove her, so here we are. I need confirmation of this though, so for now I will simply be skeptical.

The longer me and Myrna have been together, the stronger my magic seems to get as well as other things. Slowly but surely I am learning.

The most exciting discovery though has been this mostly destroyed book, detailing the basics of building golems! And when I say basics I mean the basics. It has no actual instructions of building a complete golem, just the raw information on how the process would work. Enough, I think, that with instructions on a specific blueprint or model I could do it. But without anything like that all I have is general abstract knowledge! The biggest issue would be a power source anyway. Golems traditionally run on arcane energy, so I would have to find a substitute, as my magic is nothing like that. Myrna is pretty sure I can come up with something though.
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Entry 4: The Ring Givers Fundraiser

Well I managed to explore even deeper into the Under Sigil, which was nice. What was NOT nice is that there are some nasty things down there including rat men! One of them made me sick, even!

I also met some people! A small person named Siga I believe, who helped me find a nice healer person named Simon who said they were a Trumpt Archon, whatever that is. They were nice enough to heal me up, and then a merchant nearby gave Myrna a tasty bit of meat. I feel this is just going to encourage begging...and Myrna is seeing me write again. Having a wolf who can read is mildly terrifying. No Myrna I am out of snacks!

The big thing today was going to this Fundraiser for some group called "Ring Givers". Apparently its a faction in this city, which is something I am going to have to come to grips with I can see. Apparently the Ring Givers (which include a large lizard man?) are a sort of charity organization or something. Soup kitchens, feeding the poor, things of that nature. Which is a noble cause, no doubt. Quite a few people showed up to this event, and it was interesting to watch the proceedings! Obviously I had...very little cash to spend myself so I was simply content to sit at a table and take notes. Also, I noticed one person talk to someone named Sileas about how their factions had "differences" but similar aligned goals. I wonder what faction that person was talking about.... There was also some sort of donation box game. I was tempted to try it but my lack of funds caused me to be a bit more miserly then I expected to be. I am also learning more slang. Something about Berk and Basher? Another person explain that Basher is a neutral term, Berk is a negative term, cutter is better then basher? And blood who is an expert? Slang is confusing. Also there are so many people with wings and tails in this city, its going to take some getting used to I think.

I learned a fair amount from the people I met during this fundraiser.

And I brough Myrna a meat pie. She seemed to enjoy it! It was apparently made by the lizard person. I was also advised to not jump into random portals if I dont want to grow wings or a tail. Seems like good advice. I also got punched in the jaw "by accident" so that was...not fun. Although the elf who punched me, named Ambris, explained a lot more including confirming where my abilities come from. So it seems I have some answers, and more questions! Gods are real! And they can DIE?! And I just...I dont...what?!

I am also learning about the factions of "The Cage" and I am a bit overwhelmed. There are takers (which, of course, take) and the Ring Givers who "give" but do so under the idea of getting something back later. A favor for favor I guess. Then there are "The Believers of the Source" which Ambris is a part of. They apparently believe in becoming gods through self improvement. Just so much information driven into my head. I started to get a headache and ended up leaving and coming back to my camp to write this. Everyone also told me not to eat the brain rats, and to get a room at Chirpers.

I wonder if I can even afford a room at Chirpers. I dont have much money.

Maybe a few more corpse deliveries will help.

Finally, I have discoverd that Myrna can't actually die. She instead just disappates, and with some effort I can apparently just bring her back. She has since informed me that she is actually not a living being but rather composed of pure spiritual energy, and I can call on her as I need to. Fascinating! So yes, Ambris is correct at least in this regards. My abilities have something to do with spirits. Fascinating. Maybe I am a shaman....
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Entry 5: Meeting Argent, Starlight, and Reina

Well, things got even more confusing and or interesting, depending on how I want to consider things. I met even more people in the past day then before. First, after the Ring Giver fundraiser, I decided to go back down into the Undersigil for more practice with my skills and to slowly learn more. When I reached the floor where the rat men were, I encountered another elf. This one, calling himself Argent, had apparently been looking for me to give me a welcome gift, and he gave me quite a few things. I was however a little freaked out by his appearence. How did he know I was going to be in the Undersigil? He apparently is an arch magi (self proclaimed, I have no way to verify this) and followed me around to see my skills, assisting me here and there. He is apparently part of the "Sign of One" faction, a Factor, and he explained that a factor is basically a second in command in a faction, under the Factol or leader. He seemed to have a kinship with me, being someone who abhors slavery. I have to mention that I did finally come to terms that I was in fact a slave, essentially, back home. If you had power, you made the rules. If you did not have power, you followed those who did. I was a have not.

After I bid him farewell I got some sleep. The next day, I ran into yet more interesting people, a pair of them in fact. These were Reina, who is apparently a demon? Devil? I am still not sure of the distinction and I hope I don't offend her. There was also Starlight, a sentient Golem! I had no idea Golem could be given actual intellegence. But given that I have a spiritual entity following me around in the form of a wolf (Yes Myrna, thats you), I should not be so surprised. They were very kind, and explained a few more things about factions, and even showed me around town. Turns out Reina is one of the law people, a part of the Harmonium, which apparently enforce law. Starlight is part of the Transcendent order, or Ciphers. I am still not entirely sure what they are all about, something about doing things before you think? Its very vague to me.

Reina runs a shop as well, and has quite a lot of interesting goods. They also showed me where the Portal to the Beastlands is, and even told me what key I need for it. Turns out, items as simple as a sprig of belladona can be a key to a portal to another plane of existence. This both excites and terrifies me. The simple fact I could be walking around with the key to a plane of say horrible fiery death is not something I enjoy pondering.

They also gave me gifts. Starlight gave me enough money that I was able to get a room at The Chirpers, which is basically like an inn on top of a large scale tavern I think. This room is quite nice, and Myrna enjoys laying on the bed and snoozing.

There is so much going on anymore.

I will say one thing that concerns me is when I mentioned meeting both Ambris and Argent, neither Starlight nor Reina seemed all too thrilled to hear Argent's name. He is apparently someone who caused some sort of catastrophe or something on a Prime? Possibly responsible for a large number of deaths? This seems to be an old wound, and I am not sure how I should react to this information, or even if its accurate. I suppose I can ask Argent about it if I see him again, or maybe Ambris. Ambris does seem well liked at least. I was also warned that if Argent gets "bored" of someone he will simply ignore them, which, frankly, sounds like something I might want to encourage.

I am being cautious of everyone regardless. Even though I have been given gifts by all these parties and treated well, I have no idea if any of them want something from me. Reina did ask I consider her for any items I find when I start walking the planes, but if she is going to pay me for them that seems like a fair deal. And Starlight did offer to introduce me to her creator, a famed Golemancer. That might give me a starting point on my own experiments.

I think I am starting to get an idea of what I want to do with my new life here. Being in charge of myself is so freeing, and I have no desire to really be chained under someone ever again. Maybe the life of an explorer and merchant will suit me.

Who knows what the future will hold. Maybe its time I take a look at the Beastlands.....
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Entry 6: The Beastlands

I admit that I was unsure if Reina and Starlight were telling the truth about the portal they showed me. It seemed at the time odd and a little absurd that simple piece of belladonna could cause a portal to another plane to spring into existence in front of someones house. I was sure they were just pulling my leg, and as I sat yesterday in my room at Chirpers, relaxing, I was more and more convinced they were just messing with me.

So I decided on an experiment. In the evening, I went to where the portal was without any belladonna. Nothing opened up or appeared. I then went to the herbalist I had assisted previously, bought a single piece of belladonna, and convinced nothing would happen walked back to the where the portal was.

I was greeted by a burst of orange light, and the portal springing into existence. I guess Reina and Starlight were in fact being honest with me.

This terrified and excited me. I had my gear with me, as I often do when going out, and Myrna of I went to enter the portal. And found I passed right through it. Some experimentation and I discovered I had to concentrate on the portal and WANT to enter it to actually access it. I guess its a built in failsafe that the Lady (who I learned about yesterday) has in place? I don't quite understand it. Especially when, by all accounts, I fell into a portal myself to end up in Sigil.

After some hesitation, Myself and Myrna walked through the portal into the place called The Beastlands, and what greeted me amazed me.

A land of twilight. Trees. Grass. An...elf? Who tried to sell me things and warned me of the nearby Fae?

I was certainly confused. I decided to get some rest and come back more awake. So that is what I did. I have not gone too far into the Beastlands, just to a large grassy field that seems to border some forest, but I found these Fae and walking trees, and while it was a bit of a challenge it turns out my particular brand of magic is really quite good against these creatures. This seems like a much better, and frankly more pleasant, place for me to practice my skills.

I guess I am a planeswalker now. I am excited, terrified, and curious. Maybe I should get a few of my new contacts? Friends? To come with me some time. See how others fight, learn more, and grow.

I also still need to meet Starlight's creator. And I want to talk to Ambris about this Argent person. I should go check out the Foundry then I think.
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Entry 7: A Busy Week

It has been several days...cycles... since my last entry and my goodness have things gotten interesting. First I shaved, but I don't think anyone has noticed exactly. Ah well. The beard was a remnant of my old life as a slave / assistant, so I figured it was time for a change. Besides, I like making decisions for myself now! Who needs a beard!? NOT ME!

Hopefully Ambris doesn't punch me again. I think the beard might have softened the blow originally.

Speaking of Ambris! I am going to try to organize this entry by day, since its been a while and different things happened. I am going to do my level best to go chronologically as that will be the best way to organize my thoughts, and then I will get into my discoveries. This is all for future Rodrick's benefit, really.

So at the start of the week, I meet me Usi'Dora, the creator of Starlight and the person Ambris suggested I talk to about Golem design. She is very kind, and spent time answering many of my questions about really anything. I got the distinct impression that she views herself as an artist, and prefers to think of Golem creation in the same vein as a sculptor or painter. I am not sure I hold the same view. I look at Golems and I see things that could be used to make life better for others, and to protect people from harm. But she is known as the preeminent creator of golems in the city it seems. Ambris also showed up, then a small goblin person and Reina appeared next. A whole group of people ended up congregating around me and Ms Dora, and it was a tad overwhelming at first if I am being honest. So many new people. We ended up taking a trip to another cafe in the Hive Ward, where a kind minotaur lady served COFFEE! Sweet, delicious, black gold. Oh how I missed this. It was one of the few pleasures I was given in my life before. I met who I THINK is Ambris' significant other, named Weaver. At least that is how everyone else seemed to reference them as. I am unsure. Weaver was highly sarcastic and a bit, well, rude honestly. I could tell they were mocking my lack of knowledge, and I did not find them all that funny. I also did confirm what I had previously heard about Argent, but was also told he is mostly harmless? I think I will just be careful around him for now.

Ambris also made a suggestion to try to contact spirits in the Beastlands to make a pact with them, assuming that is how my powers work. For reference, this did not go well...for the spirits. They told me I smell evil and tried to tear my eyes out. I screamed at them, and they exploded. So thats a thing I can do now. Seems to work on most spiritual entities like elementals, undead, and such.

After this impromptu party I spent time in my room here at Chirpers, and also in the library. I have been researching both Golem creation on my own and shamanistic traditions in an effort to better understand how my powers function. I have made a breakthrough though! More on that later.

A few nights after that party, I was on my way back to my room after spending all day in the library and I ran into a large group of people in front of a portal in the market. Apparently something odd was going on, and two men were arguing about something. Next thing I knew, undead started pouring out of the portal and were quickly dispatched by Reina and others. Reina then organized a group to go into the portal, which lead to a place called the Grey Wastes, and I decided to tag along. I figured if nothing else I might learn more. Argent and many others were there too.

Upon entering the Grey Wastes...something happened to Myrna. It was like she woke up. I think it was the connection to the spirit world that seemed to just..permeate the Grey Wastes that did it. Everyone kept telling me it was a plane of negative energy, that it would sap my very essence but for me it just felt..odd. Almost like an abscence of energy. Lots of undead though. In fact the group quickly encountered and dispatched a huge group of undead deeper in, and a thing called a hag. A lich (those are real, wow) took the silver ring off the hag, and it was determined to be some sort of mind control device. I found out these events are occuring more often, which is...disturbing. A group trying to wreck the portals. Seems foolish if you ask me. I didn't contribute a whole lot during this event, but I did get patted on the head by a very large and scary that happened.

When I got back to Chirpers I found out that Myrna had regained most of her memories, and was able to learn just what had happened to me. Turns out, Shamanism is in my families bloodline and Myrna is an ancestor of mine. She takes the form of a wolf because she had a wolf companion when she lived and wants to honor him, so thats nice. Apparently, the world I come from is ruled by mages, and they have most areas warded against external magical influences. It also surpresses all non-arcane magic. These wards prevented my powers from manifesting, as they did most of my family over the years. This is why I looked like a normal nonmagical person when I was there for my life. When I fell into Sigil, Myrna was able to locate and latch on to me, but the process was apparently a bit traumatic and she lost her memories. She was intended to be my teacher, and explain exactly how my powers work.

From my reading, Shamanism and Shamanistic traditions are varied. Some shamans do in fact, like Ambris suggested, make pacts with spirits and entities for their abilities. Others are granted power from ancestral spirits. Some, like me, have it naturally. In my case, the way it manifests and is used is that I can access the very energy left behind by all living things when they pass. As well as the natural memory imprints that passing makes. I do not so much as conjure lightning as recall the actual memory of lightning and use the ambient power to create it again. I don't ask either, I simply...take. I can also conjure things from my own experiences with that energy if need be, if a memory is not around to work from. And it doesn't appear like I can anything with it either. Apparently due to way I was raised, my abilities are sort of rigid. Once my mind figures out how to do something, thats it, I am sort of locked in. Myrna says I am just going to have to live with it and be careful with how I use my growing powers, so I can be as flexible as possible with what gets stuck in my head. The totems are the only thing she herself has taught me to access, and I use my ancestors energy specifically for those effects. The rest, such as healing, lightning, cold, and even summoning assistance, I use either my own imagination and the ambient energy, of the memories of things left in the place. Thankfully Myrna remembers what she is doing now, and is helping me work with my powers.

The next night I found a flyer talking about a merchant needing assistance with some issues, and I went to look into this and ended up running into Argent and a lady named Gwen that I met during the party earlier in the week. I also met one of the ladies from the Portal incident as well, named Taishi I believe. I might have that wrong. Its been a long week. I also encountered a small girl named Damp who apparently just runs around an district full of jagged its nothing. That was disconcerting.

The merchant He wanted us as a group to go forth and liberate? Steal? Obtain? Some sort of special honey from a prime. Whichi is something new to me. Go and do a crime, I guess? I may be up for assisting the group, depending on when they get around to visiting the Prime, but it still seems sketchy. There are also witches involved. I wonder how my powers will work against those...maybe I should try to build a Golem before I go.

Finally, last night. I encountered a small person named Rita, when I was out looking for books, who asked if I wanted to accompany her to a place called Mechanus. I said sure, as I am always interested now in new places to visit. I have even been to the Plane of Earth now! But Mechanus? That was a fascinating place. Full of machinary, constructs, and more! I was able to collect a few small bits and pieces for research, and got a lot of practice in. I also noticed that Rita was full of surprises. But I promised I wouldn't mention exactly what and I aim to keep that promise.

After we finished our explorations I introduced Rita to Starlight, Gwen, and Ms Dora. Turns out they were hanging around the market, with Starlight and Ms Dora running a shop! Gwen then offered to show me to where I could get some golem manuals (Ms Dora had mentioned I could purchase these for help in golem constructions) and show me a place she wanted to show me the night before. Thanks to Gwen I was able to meet Root of Nine, a Modron being from Mechanus! He was even in the same warehouse the portal me and Rita went into earlier was, just hidden off to the side. He had a ton of golem manuals, and I picked up the one for Homunculous as Ms Dora's suggestion as a starting point.

Gwen then took me through the Lady's Ward, where all the rich and powerful live, and into the Lower Ward. She took me to an amazing place called The Labratory, which had even more fascinating things. Including a nice lady who runs a shop full of ingrediants and things. Perfect for someone like me.

That was last night. Now I am all caught up on the events I have gone through!

The only other thing I want to get out on the page are some thoughts. First, I am fairly certain that ever single individual I have met at this point has some agenda or another, and are possibly looking at me as to how they can use me. I can't be certain, but it feels that way at least. It doesn't help that every person is seemingly a member of one of these factions, and I cannot be sure they are not trying to recruit me into them in some way or another, even when they tell me they are not. This paranoia could also be a product of how I was raised, as a slave, but I am unsure.

Its also clear that while people seem to treat each other with civility there are strong feelings towards each other, and I wonder if some parties know how other parties feel. Myself, I am getting all the scoops I suppose, because I am new in town and untained with alliances or connections in a way, but it also makes me wonder how they talk about me now behind my back.

It makes it hard to trust. Are the gifts and assistance people like Ms Dora and Starlight and Ambris out of the goodness of their hearts? Is there an ulterior motive at work? I cannot be certain, but at the same time I cannot let this paranoia rule me. I will just have to keep my eyes open and pay attention to what is being said around me.

And these factions. By my heart these factions! Every single one seems too extreme so far. You have a group who wants to just take things, a group who seems to want to just give things away. You got a group who think they are already gods and can create things just by imaginging it, a group that is trying to evolve their way to godhood or perfection or something, a group that is trying to attain perfection through action without thought? Several groups all about enforcing law apparently. And now I have learned about the Bleak Cabal from Gwen...and I admit their philosphy interests me.

The idea behind them, as I understand it, is basically there is no big answer to be found in the multiverse. That it simply exists, and there is no reason or purpose to existence beyond, well, existence itself. And that because of that there is no real point in anything. But at the same time, because existence is, on the whole, rather miserable, why not try to help people when you can, to alleviate that misery, if but for a moment.

That is...kind of appealing if I am honest. I often have thought there is no greater meaning to existence honestly. I suppose that comes from having been a slave for 19 winters of life. Never having my own choices, my own thoughts. And even now, I often wonder why and how I ended up where I am. Is there a point to any of this? I don't know. I am not sure there is. Regardless, however, I would like to try to make things better for others, even if its just for a moment. I have no desire nor interest in being god, or trying to create reality or whatever these other groups strive for exactly. Self improvement is fine enough, and I am doing that, but its because I want to. Because I choose to. Because in the end I think existence is what we make of it. Nothing more, nothing less.

I will think on this more....
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Entry 8: Fear

I am starting to realize just how scary Sigil and the planeswalkers I am meeting are. But I don't want to get too ahead of myself.

First I managed to make a small golem! Its just a Homunculus, which really has no actual use outside of picking things up and carrying them for me. But its mine, I made it. I am proud of that!

Second, I ran into Argent again, and he wanted to talk to me about that whole Honey thing. He ended up giving me the last ingredient I needed for my golem, and I felt like I owed him because of it. He took me to his...home? Flying ship? Flying ship. Which is also alive. A giant living ship made of wood. It was...fascinating on the inside, and we chatted for a bit about the ship, and the honey situation. Frankly I don't think I am going to involve myself any further in the honey business. I haven't been able to find any information on the substance, and after some other events and some realizations, I just don't want to risk myself at the moment. Also I think Argent was trying to impress me with taking me to his ship. It felt like that. I hate to say it but all it has done is scare me. Most things are scaring me now here.

These planeswalkers are powerful. And now I have a better sense as to just how much power they have.

See, something I have yet to mention are the headaches I have been suffering since getting to sigil. I could never figure out why. But now that Myrna has explained how my abilities function, I have sorted it out. Living beings produce energy, and that energy is released out into the world. The more experienced they are, I guess how much life they have lived, the more energy they seem to exude into the universe. That energy is what I access to power my magic. But, I have noticed, that if I get too close to beings that are more powerful then me, the pressure...or heat I guess... gets so intense that it causes me headaches. After some experimentation it seems to be around 2 to 3 feet in distance. If I get that close, I start to get the headaches. Beings who are about as well lived as me don't cause me any issues though, as I noticed with Rita. And now that I have noticed and realized this, almost every single being I have met so far has caused this reaction. Starlight, Reina, Ambris, Argent, Ms Dora, Gwen, the Dragon, the little goblins Sabby, Little Tooth, the giant Minotaur from this wolf hunt. Basically everyone out there so far has caused these headaches. Its painful, I do not like it, and it reminds me just how, well, scary these beings are. Its not like I can tell how much stronger they are then me, it all feels the same to me. Hell that living ship Argent has, being alive, nearly brought me to my knees.

Thankfully my life as a slave has taught me to hide the pain, so I doubt anyone has noticed exactly what is going on. I explained it to Argent, mostly in the hope to get him to take pity on me and leave me be but that did not work. I don't think he really cares to be honest.

I have resolved, for now, to avoid most of these planeswalkers. I already do not trust many of them, at all. I have seen what many of them can do which is already terrifying enough. I can handle Sabby, and Rita, and maybe Gwen. Their personalities at least seem safe. Sabby seems like me, with a healthy amount of fear to basically everything. Gwen just seems kind, and hasn't tried to get me to do much of anything. Rita doesn't give me the headaches. Everyone else? I think I am going to do my best to just avoid them. Hide in planes, stay in Chirpers, shop when they are not around. Obviously if I encounter any of them I will make sure to be polite. I don't want to make any of these beings angry, especially given that they could probebly erase me from existence. I rather enjoy life.

Eventually I hope to be able to survive the headaches, or maybe get enough training to ignore them. I think that will be an eventuality. I need to be able to defend myself against all these threats anyway.

I am afraid. I won't back down, but I will take precautions. I can't risk my one life.
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Entry 9: Sai

I don't have much to discuss right now. I have been spending my time in hiding, and mining if I am being honest. But I did meet someone who seems kind, named Sai. I had a very good discussion with her about my issue, and it was very calming. I met her while I was grabbing some water in the Market, after making sure it was safe for me and none of the people who scare me were around. Turns out she was the one who bought my first batch of gems! We chatted, but then Argent showed up so I quickly packed up and lead her to the Root of Nine Warehouse...

After while we chatted about my fears, Argent apparently had tracked me to the warehouse! He left, however, after seeing Sai. Which was very good for me. He really does seem to be obsessed with me. Sai gave me a few suggestions, such as reporting him to the Harmonium and such. She seemed convinced he would not actually harm me but given what I have seen some planeswalkers say and what they can do I am not sure.

She did say she would talk to him about leaving me alone. So there is that. Although I don't imagine or expect that to do much. And of course I am worried that he might retaliate.

Anyway, back to digging. I have gems to collect so I can at least start funding my golem research. I can at least add Sai to my list of kind people like Gwen and Rita though. Although I imagine if she can quell Argent she is probebly as strong as everyone else. At least she doesnt seem to want to wish me harm.
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