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A brief missive is delivered to the Quellig Institute, along with a sensory stone.

Esteemed Factor,

The other cycle, a gith merchant set up shop in the Grand Bazaar in order to sell a fascinating, specially-bred parasite/graft he called 'brainworms'. While, naturally, the first thing that one thinks of with those two words mashed together are the infamous tadpoles of the illithid, I witnessed several successful, non-lethal, and barely uncomfortable applications of said brainworms into the ear canals of paying customers. The most common variant of brainworms apparently allow the host to instantly learn a single new language, while the rarer variants can seemingly re-write a person's core talents and skills. According to the merchant, the typical mortal is limited to one brainworm grafting, and that any further applications risk severe/lethal side-effects.

My immediate thought was that, if these parasites could be studied and if their application could be verified as harmless both in the short and long term, at the *least* they might be an invaluable tool for the Planar Expeditions Department.

When I suggested to the merchant that the Quellig Institute might find his products to be of great interest, he seemed eager to pursue the opportunity of a steady, well-funded buyer in the Cage. He plans to visit the Civic Festhall in a handful of cycles when next he has stock available. If you were to grant me the authority and a provisional budget, I'd be happy to negotiate the terms and price of a preliminary shipment -- so the Institute might assess the parasites' value as research specimens -- or to assist an Institute representative in doing so.

I've included a sensory stone imprinted with the memory of a Primer who was implanted with a brainworm, for your review.

Factotum Intisar al-Saadis.


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