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Posted by mimifearthegn »

Greetings, cutters! Do you want a picture to represent your character's appearance ingame? On Sigil - City of Doors, players are allowed to use and submit portraits to be displayed in their ingame KEMO bios. Portraits are added via server updates whenever they're available. Below, you'll find the link to our portrait albums as well as our general criteria for approving portraits. New portraits may be submitted in this thread down below.

A link to the portrait gallery can be found above, or just click here!

Before submitting a portrait, please only submit portraits that you intend to use for your own characters. Be sure to check the albums as well to find a good match for your character as well.

  • Images that are Not Safe for Work will be denied, including depictions of genitalia or provocative imagery.
  • Duplicates of images already in the gallery will not be accepted.
  • No Photoshopped images of real people or photography.
  • No images with exessive props that are non-sensical for the setting (i.e. machine guns).
  • No images with a mostly abstract or otherwise non-descriptive view of the character (i.e. symbols, letters, a book).
  • No character or player names should be seen on the portrait. Artist signatures are fine.
  • Images mainly drawn in an eastern or "anime" style will be less likely to be added. When in doubt, check the existing portrait gallery for previously accepted portraits.
  • Images with rough pixelization that detracts from the overall image will be less likely to be added.
  • Only one portrait per character. Replacements are fine.
  • Portraits are in 512h x 256w pixel dimensions.
  • Any other factors contributing to an image not being approved will be discussed in detail.
If there's any questions, such as with sizing the portrait correctly, contact DM Taurus Daggerknight!
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Posted by LukaszS »



Edit: Updated image
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Posted by juubo »

This would be for Kalee Brina. I am adjusting it and wanted to see if it is too anime-like (like my Like my last one) for submission.


Let me know if the artistic style won't work or if I need to adjust anything.
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Posted by Sazankurosu »

Vealo Simxerat


It still needs a resize but I can't do that.
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Posted by Morgyn »

I'd like to get the following portrait (art by kilart) for my character Seri Asharin!


I also went ahead and resized the image Sazankurosu posted, for convenience!

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Posted by WitchOfTheWaste »

Portrait for Mayvin, please and thank you :)

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Posted by Sakura »

Portrait for Gretta Pretty please ! This would be the first fire giant entry in the portraits book too!

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Posted by theguyman160 »

Here is Vralexdra, at long last. Let me know if I need to crop it or something.

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Posted by theguyman160 »

Nvm here is Vralexdra for real.
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Posted by Vandole »

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